The Many Faces Of The Rock

We all know the The Rock (has he stopped trying to make Dwayne Johnson happen?) has at couple of familiar faces in real life. The internet has already mentioned the cuff link pose. 

But he is also a very big fan of the angry traps pose. 

In the past week the internet has realised that in the movies The Rock loves a safari shirt (when on an adventure)

But The Rock has a few more faces that he uses with even greater frequency, he uses confused face

the t-shirt (preferably grey) but tight will do

and hands on hips

if he uses all three at once, well that is a win.

The confused face is hard at work in Rundown

His is a little bit confused by the bro in the mask, but what the hell, fistpump in GI Joe Retaliation

He is probably confused as to why he is wearing an actual shirt in Snitch

Actually maybe everyone is super confused in Snitch

The confusion is obvious, third billing and mom jeans in 2013s Empire State  

Is this photoshopped? I can’t understand why anyone would be so confused by a flashlight


Confusion in a yellow t, in Central Intelligence

Confusion in a white t, in Rampage

So close to a trinity, confusion, hands on hips in a white t, in Rundown

He might not be confused here, maybe just a big angry, but he is in a super tight t-shirt and has his hands on his hips, in Fast & Furious 6 (I think? this is the one with the beard)

His hands are on his jumpsuited hips is San Andreas, he looks a little perplexed too

He is all kinds of smug hips in The Game Plan

And even more smug hips in The Other Guys

Hands on hips dancing in Be Cool, The Rock should dance more

The frame is cut and I couldn’t be bothered to keep searching the internet for images of The Tooth Fairy, but you bet his hands are on his hips here

Sure his hands are tied up, in The Scorpion King but, if they weren’t you betcha they would be on his hips

Well it isn’t quite hands on hips but surely this counts because she is so confused at him it is worth double confusion points? 

Another near trinity, blue t + confusion + hands so close to hips

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