The Many Faces Of Anna Kendrick

By now we all know that Anna Kendrick loves a tiny handbag when she is on a red carpet, she may be everyones favourite girl next door/celebrity you want to be best friends with but in the movies she has four distinct roles that she plays on a regular basis.

a) She is the smart girl, with the good job usually wearing some sort of pant suit

b) She sings, having appeared in 5 musicals in the past 6 years

c) She is the girlfriend, her name is on the poster but she is only in about 2 scenes, usually as emotional support for the troubled male character

d) She is stuck in a thankless role is comedy that isn’t all that funny and you probably haven’t seen it anyway

Up In The Air fulfills all the smart girl in a suit conditions.  Bet you never noticed the slightly strange hairline before?

She is good with numbers and is pretty smartly dressed in the accountant

In The Company You Keep she is FBI (smart) and in a pant suit, plus as she is out of focus and Shia Labeouf is in focus I think we can tell she is a girlfriend in this one too. 

Pitch Perfect 1, 2 and 3, we get it, she can sing.

I couldn’t find a picture from The Last 5 Years where Anna Kendrick has her mouth open mid-sing but this one is still a musical.  

She sings and loses her shoes in Into The Woods

She might be a Troll but she still sings.

Don’t forget about her first movie role in 2003s Camp, you guessed it she sings.

She is the girlfriend to Miles Teller in Get A Job. Lame.

She is the (fridged) girlfriend in The Voices

She is a sister rather than a girlfriend but the idea is the same in Scott Pilgrim

Comedy films that aren’t particularly funny that you probably haven’t seen? Mr Right anyone?

A pregnancy comedy, what fun eh?

Drinking Buddies, anyone seen this one?

If I’m honest I’ve never even heard of this one, but going on Kendricks face, Rapture Palooza is one to skip.

Stuck in a rom-zom-com without many jokes, in Night Of The Living Beth

A Christmas movie with Lena Dunham and a baby, what a right barrel of laughs. 

This is the face you make if you watch Table 19.