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Weekly Roundup – 14 Jan 18

New year, new gym clothes. What better reason to wear gym clothes is there, than sitting on the floor while cuddling a dog sat on the sofa? There is none.  Is Chris Hemsworth wearing too much jewellery or is it just me? He looks like

Weekly Roundup – 19 Dec 17

Demi Lovato, this isn’t 2001 anymore, Britney and Justin may have worn this ghastly denim combo at the beginning of the 00s and we shall never let them forget, but what is Demis excuse for this denim lingerie number? Lost a bet maybe? Holy Moly

Weekly Roundup -11 Dec 17

Something Jared Leto can do that Jesus couldn’t number twenty two; handle this much knitwear at once.  Hooray Taylor Swift is back in the news, but who cares about her boyfriend, it means we get to see her security team again, and this time it

Weekly Roundup – 03 Dec 17

This weeks roundup is all about the art of acting natural. So why exactly is Floyd Mayweather on the Great Wall of China dressed like Amelia Earhart and carrying a huge bag that Mary Poppins would be proud of? The same reason Mayweather does anything,

Weekly Roundup – 20 Nov 17

The sorting hat put Cara Delevingne in to house Burberry. So this is the thumbnail that was selected for an Instagram video on The Rocks page, of all the frames to choose from this is the one that gets picked, what is going on here?

Weekly Roundup – 05 Nov 17

When you go all out with your Edward Scissorhands costume, then you see Lady Gagas Edward Scissorhands costume and suddenly your foam scissors just look inadequate. Bad luck Rami Malek, there is always next year. Gerard Butler clearly knows that promoting Geostorm when it is

Weekly Roundup – 23 Oct 17

Rita Ora is happy to announce the results of her citizenship test, she is most definitely British, the only thing missing from this outfit is a teapot under her arm and a London bus.   Yes Justin Bieber has more tattoos this week, but who cares

Weekly Roundup – 16 Oct 17

  Chrissy Teigens face is telling me that these carwash fox tail sleeves looked  good on the hanger but in real life, she has regrets … but Cosmo thinks it is so damn hot. Have you seen ‘Bella Hadid goes sneaker shopping’? Here. Oh boy,

Weekly Roundup – 04 Oct 17

2nd Gen Day Lewis,  (famous for being son of Daniel), here he is showing off a very grown up blend of tattoos and chest hair, but really he is doing his best Sickboy impression. Jared Leto is showing off another thing he can do, that

Weekly Roundup – 26 Sep 17

See Margot Robbies face of regret? The face that says ‘ yep should have washed my hair and not relied on the dry shampoo.’ If  only Jesus knew about snapchat like Jared Leto he might still be alive today. Do you ever think what if