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Hidden Gem – Freaks And Geeks

  Hidden Gem – A film TV series from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out. Freaks and Geeks is a comedy released in 1999-2000. The show centres around two siblings in high school during

Weekly Roundup – 07 Jan 17

  I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was quite as ginger as he is, and then I realised it was Ed Sheeran.   Maybe pregnant, bathroom yoga would be more impressive if you didn’t have to lean against a Ikea Frode folding chair and you didn’t

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Sausage Party – review

All items found in a supermarket are actually alive but they don’t know what happens to them when they are ‘chosen by Gods to go to the great beyond’. But one hot dog called Frank has just learned the truth and he wants to make sure

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Bad Neighbours 2 – review

The sequel to the okay level funny  Bad Neighbours from 2014, this time Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne need to sell their house but are unable to because a sorority has moved in next door. This movie isn’t really necessary and nobody was out there demanding

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Steve Jobs – review

Biopic following the life of Steve Jobs between 1984 and 1998, focusing on three important product launches that he was the spokesperson for. Since the ipod and the iphone it has been difficult to not imagine apple as the dominant tech company it is today

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The Many Faces Of Seth Rogen

  Lets face it Seth Rogen only has one face. The confused face. The level of confusion may vary but its always there. One thing he isn’t afraid to change however is his hair, from full hobbit curly to GI Jane skinhead. In Bad Neigbours he

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Weekly Roundup – 28 December 14

I think somebody has watched The Little Mermaid one too many times. No matter how much she wants it, Gisele is never going to be Ariel.     Ever wondered what Seth Rogen would look like if he had steam coming out of his ears?

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Bad Neighbours – review

So a young family with a baby are happily living their lives in suburbia when a frat house moves in next door. Which of course leads to contrived situations where hilarity ensues… It is called Bad Neighbours here in the UK, rather than just Neighbors

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Fall Out Boy love a makeover

So back in 2008 before Fall Out Boy went on indefinite hiatus. (Indefinite meaning about three years). And they were an emo band you shouldn’t admit to liking in front of your friends (but someone must their tour is sold out) and all their song