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Celebrities love dressing as Freddy Krueger

Why anybody would wear any item of clothing that is horizontal red and black stripes and it not be an awesome Halloween costume is beyond me. The stripey jumper is synonymous with Freddy Krueger. But unless you are a nightmare demon with a clawed right hand

Weekly Roundup – 16 Dec 16

Last week she was an Everton Mint, this week I am getting Dracula vibes, anyone else see it? (Apart from the sunlight obviously).   The other week we already established that Conor McGregor may not be all that bright because he was unsure about what

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Gal Gadot Sells Perfume

Gal Gadot has joined the exclusive club – that of being the face of a new perfume, which is turn means staring in a expensive commercial that looks very glossy, has plenty of slow motion sequences and makes absolutely no sense from a storytelling perspective.  Perhaps we

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Weekly Roundup – 12 February 16

Check out the paparazzi lady in the back ground, that level of heart eyes is usually reserved for when Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio hug at award shows. (why can’t their love be real *sign*). The other lady doesn’t know how she got trapped in

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Rita Ora Sells Her Body

We all know that Rita Ora has a habit of saying yes if asked to sell something, see here. But now we know that Rita Ora is not afraid to sell anything; even her own body, to keep that spotlight of fame aimed at herself.

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Weekly Roundup – 09 Sep 15

Poor Lewis Hamilton, he must still be upset over his breakup with Nicole Shirtlifter, he has gone full blown peroxide rebellion, that’s one step away from buying the biggest tub of ice cream and crying himself to sleep. (Also, it looks like he has Beyonce

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Rita Ora Sells Everything

Rita Ora is clearly not one to say no. Despite not being able to identify a single one of her songs, I still know who she is, because she is everywhere. From make up to mobiles and everything in between she will happily but her

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Weekly Roundup – 24 Jul 15

Simon Pegg, there is no excuse for those short trousers and no socks, no excuse. There are very few men that could make this work and they are probably French. You sir are Englishness distilled.  Richard Hammond however is turning the sleaze up to 11,

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Weekly Roundup – 08 March 15

This week it has been all about the blonde. Jared Leto has cut off his Jesus but still manages to be the most pretentious guy in the room, even while wearing a turtle neck and sans eyebrows. He does however look more like Karl Lagerfeld