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What Happened To Monday – review

Set in the near future where households are restricted to a one child policy, Willem Defoe becomes a single (grand)father to seven girls. Named after the days of the week they adapt their life to living as one persona to the outside world, by only

Okja – review

Okja is a super-pig, being raised by Mija and her grandfather in a remote mountain location is South Korea. Okja is an intelligent friend for Mija but is  due to return to the US after 10 years, back to the Mirando Corporation for slaughter. Mija

War Machine – review

Army general Glen McMahon (Brad Pitt) is in charge of the allied forces in Afghanistan in 2009, only problem is, he is good at war, not peace. He wants to end the war as a winner rather than leave quietly. War Machine is Netflix biggest

Audrie And Daisy – review

A Netflix documentary taking a look at the rise in social media bullying and teenage rape, with focus on four specific case across the US all with shocking similarity. The Audrie of the title was sexually assaulted by two boys and then after a week

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Pee-wee’s Big Holiday – review

Peewee Herman is back after a long absence and now after being persuaded by Joe Manganiello that he should take a holiday. So off Pee-Wee goes on a roadtrip. Netflix has given Paul Reubens some money and given him free reign to do as he

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sword Of Destiny

The sequel to Ang Lees original Wuxia epic from way back in 2000. Set nearly 20 years after the first movie, Michelle Yeoh is the returning cast. She is still a badass warrior (that in life always gets the short end of the stick) defending