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Dunkirk – review

In 1940 Allied forces were surround by Nazi troops and thousands on men were in need of evacuation on the beaches of Dunkirk. The thing about Christopher Nolan movies is that they are all full of technical genius but tend to be a little cold

Atomic Blonde – review

Charlize Theron is a British Spy sent to Berlin (a few days before the fall of the Berlin Wall ) to investigate the death of another British agent, she has another agent stationed in the city to help her, but does he have his own

Colossal – review

Anne Hathaway is unemployed, alcohol dependant and recently ditched by her boyfriend. She returns to her (unoccupied) childhood home and discovers that the giant monster that has been rampaging through Seoul on a regular basis is being controlled by her. Colossal sounds like a bit

Free Fire – review

A black market arms deal in a warehouse, set in the 1970s ¬†goes a bit wrong. A whole bunch of people with access to guns, low morals and who really don’t want to get caught by the police, you can see where this is heading

Ghost In The Shell – review

The glossy live action remake of the hugely successful and influential anime from 1995. Set in a future Tokyo where cybernetic upgrades to your body are commonplace. The Major is part of an elite police unit responsible for tackling cyber crime. What makes her special

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

Another version of Spider-Man has turned up and this time he is very much a fifteen year old boy, with the usual high school problems in addition to problems with being a superhero, like making more web fluid in science class and keeping your spandex

These Final Hours – review

The apocalypse is underway and Western Australia is going to be the last place to go. An undisclosed wave of fire is making its way across the globe with only a few hours left before Perth burns too. James has just said goodbye to his

Raw – review

Shy overachiever Justine has just started university, with dreams of following her parents and older sisters footsteps of becoming a vet. But as a strict vegetarian who is made to eat meat during uni hazing she starts to get insatiable cravings, and for more than

Baby Driver – review

Baby Driver is the wheel man for bank robbers in Atlanta. He is good at driving, loves music and wants out of his criminal ways, especially now he has found a girl who he is very fond of. Baby Driver has some of the best

The Fate Of The Furious – review

The 8th movie in the Fast And Furious franchise, there are still plenty of ridiculous action scenes involving cars, what makes it different this time around, well Charlize Theron is the bad guy, she lives on a plane and she is blackmailing Vin Diesel to