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The Dark Tower – review

The Gunslinger must protect The Dark Tower from the evil Man In Black who is trying to destroy it, using the minds of powerful psychic children whom he takes from different worlds. I said to myself as the title cards started, ‘if this movie doesn’t

Blade Runner 2049 – review

The sequel to the 1982 sci-fi noir classic, finds Ryan Gosling as a Blade Runner, a police officer responsible for removing the last remaining model of replicants who have the ability of free will. His latest case becomes a lot more complicated than he original

Hidden Gem – Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is a horror comedy from 2010 staring Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine as Tucker and Dale, two

Dick – review

Imagine if the events surrounding the political scandal of Richard Nixon , Watergate and secret tape recordings were interpreted through the eyes of two teenage girls. Dick is a bit of hidden gem, released in 1999, interest in 1970s political scandal must have been pretty

The Bad Batch – review

The Bad Batch are people who have been cast off into a lawless non-US territory Texas in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The newest addition to the bad batch is Arlen, who is unlucky enough to be captured and looses an arm and a leg to cannibals,

Little Evil – review

Newly married Gary thinks his new stepson may actually be the son of Satan. That’s it really. When I read that this movie was from the writer director of Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Eli Craig, which was an unexpected funny hidden gem. But there

Transformers: The Last Knight – review

Part 5 in the Transformers franchise. Did we ask for it? No. Did we want it?  Not really. Well we have it, so what is it’s identifier from other movies? It is the second one with Mark Wahlberg and it is completely mental. At first

Shot Caller – review

An average middle class businessman goes to prison after drink driving himself into a tragedy. But in prison it is adapt or die. Quickly initiated into the prison way of life, gangs and respect, protection from rival gangs and loyal to your own. But he

After The Dark – review

It is end of year at an international school in Jakarta and the philosophy teacher has a final project, for the students, they must pick only 10 of their class to survive a (theoretical) apocalypse in a bunker. So in my quest to find more

It – review

A group of outcast kids in 1980s are forced to confront an evil force who takes the form of a clown, who is responsible for killing children in their hometown. Does the highly anticipated movie adaption of the classic Stephen King novel live up to