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The Mummy – review

Another version of The Mummy, this time round the mummy is a woman and Tom Cruise is a military tomb robber, whom the mummy gets fixated on a little bit. There are action scenes, unravelling bandages and explosions. So The Mummy is the launch of

Queen Of Katwe – review

Phiona is being raised by a single mother in Katwe, Uganda in an area of poverty. She learns to play chess and wouldn’t you know is actually pretty good at it. Could playing chess help her and her family out of poverty? Queen Of Katwe

I Am Heath Ledger – review

Documentary about the Australian actor Heath Ledger who died in 2008. The documentary is a combination of talking heads and footage that Ledger filmed himself. More than anything I think this documentary was produced in order to make use of all the reels of unseen

Table 19 – review

A table of misfits go to a wedding when they probably should have stayed at home, watched Netflix and eaten ice cream. Wow forget the idea of this movie being a comedy because Table 19 is not funny. There may be a terrible gag about

The Lego Batman Movie – review

The scene stealer from 2014s The Lego Movie gets his very own Lego movie. The Lego Batman movie features one of the best Batman (Batmen?) on screen, seriously. The filmmakers understand that Batman may be a dark and brooding loner, but that there is also

Wonder Woman – review

Wonder Woman may have stolen the show in Batman vs Superman but how did she get from being Princess Diana of Themyscira to Wonder Woman? We are about to find out. There was a lot of pressure on Wonder Woman to be well received. Yes

Baywatch – review

A film version of the 1990s TV show, that nobody asked for, staring The Rock and Zac Efron. So has The Rock got enough charm and charisma to power Baywatch? It worked for last years Central Intelligence and San Andreas the year before, but it

Beauty And The Beast – review

The live action version of the much loved Disney animation. Emma Watson playing the one in yellow dress and Dan Stevens being the goat-man. This film looks like a lot of money was spend on it that’s for sure. I should tell you up front

Get Out – review

When established couple Chris and Rose take a weekend holiday to visit her parents for the first time. They are over accommodating and just feel a little bit too nice and the rest of the town also feels a little off too. What really is going

Turbo Kid – review

Set in a post apocalyptic 1997, the Kid is surviving alone, he has a bmx and a comic book called Turbo Rider. He makes a friend, the strangley happy Apple and they fight a local bloodthirsty overlord. There is synth music, fountains of fake blood