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Kong: Skull Island – review

A joint military/ scientific expedition to the uncharted Skull Island leads to a battle of survival and a race to leave the island, but it isn’t just a giant gorilla they have to worry about. Everything and I mean everything on the island is capable

Nocturnal Animals – review

Amy Adams is a successful art dealer, living a bored life with wealthy, handsome but frequently absent husband (Armie Hammer), so when her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her a copy of his new novel, she not only has something new to occupy her time, she

Moana – review

Moana is a princess and next in line to be chieftain of Montuni, her polynesian island home. But she senses trouble for the islands future, but if no one else wants to do anything about it then she will  just have to go on an

The Girl With All The Gifts – review

Sometime after a zombie apocalypse has occurred there is military base where a group of children who are somewhere between zombies and children are being cared for/experimented on by teachers and scientists. When the military base is attacked, only a small group of survivors are

Loving – review

Based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving a couple who were married in 1958, their marriage was illegal in their home state of Virginia because Richard was white and Mildred was black. They faced prison and banishment from the state because of

Moonlight – review

Moonlight follows the story of Chiron, at three different points in his life as a boy, as a teenager and as a young man. He doesn’t have a particularly fun life, he is bullied at school, his mum is a drug addict and the only

Logan – review

Set in 2029, Wolverine is quietly working as a limo taxi driver to make some money to keep Professor Xavier hidden over the boarder in Mexico. But Wolverine¬†isn’t right, he looks old and unwell, his healing factor isn’t working like it was. And when a

John Wick Chapter 2 – review

In the first John Wick movie, the retired hitman is dragged back into the game because a little dirt bag steals his car and kills his puppy, but now everyone know the master assassin is taking names and kicking ass again, they all want him

Arrival – review

When 12 huge mysterious spacecraft arrival at various locations across the globe each country launches an investigation to understand who, what, where and why. On American soil linguistics expert (Amy Adams) and mathematician (Jeremy Renner) are part of the team attempting to communicate with the

Manchester By The Sea – review

Lonely isolated Lee, lives a quiet existence as a handyman in suburban Boston. His life changes when his brother dies and he has been given full custody of his 16 year old nephew, his life is inevitably going to be different. Will he be able