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Celebrities sell their own booze

Have you noticed there has been an increase in celebrities not just endorsing alcohol, but investing in a company that makes it. No one is all that fussy when it comes to which type of alcohol they are selling, wine, whisky, tequila if you can

Weekly Roundup – 23 Oct 17

Rita Ora is happy to announce the results of her citizenship test, she is most definitely British, the only thing missing from this outfit is a teapot under her arm and a London bus.   Yes Justin Bieber has more tattoos this week, but who cares

Celebrities love hiding their curly hair

Have you noticed how many celebs nowadays are getting rid of their curly hair? But I say it is time to embrace the curl and put down the straighteners, stop hiding the ringlets with keratin and get back to the roots. Top of the list

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel love looking at each other

JT & JB have perfected this red carpet duo pose, looking at each other and acting like the other person has either a) told the funniest joke you have ever told or b) they have both farted and are ready to walk further down the

Weekly Roundup – 07 Jan 17

  I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was quite as ginger as he is, and then I realised it was Ed Sheeran.   Maybe pregnant, bathroom yoga would be more impressive if you didn’t have to lean against a Ikea Frode folding chair and you didn’t

Yearly Roundup 2016

This year might have been a good one for the grim reaper but there has also been some other stuff going on you might have missed, but popbabble notices the little things … Anna Kendrick has done so well to hide her contempt of Justin Timberlake,

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Actors love wearing earrings

Even though Harrison Ford has been wearing his single earring for at least a decade, I still get a shock and a frightening thought ‘what would I do if my granddad suddenly started wearing an earring?’   It is something of a midlife crisis statement,

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What’s in Anna Kendricks Tiny Bag?

So having monitored Anna Kendricks aversion to Justin Timberlake all summer (is it the smell of the chemical hair straightener or is there more too it?) The other thing I’ve noticed is that Anna Kendrick loves a small bag. At award shows, premieres, you name

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Weekly Roundup – 03 Nov 16

My apologies for last weeks final Justin Timberlake selling us Trolls. Surely this is the last one? Forcing your whole family to dress up as Trolls. He has been working on these costumes for weeks in his sewing room. Shame, Justin Timberlake, you have none

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Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake Look Really Uncomfortable – Updated

Hopefully this will be the last time we have to see these two being forced next to each other for the sake of Trolls publicity, what with the LA premiere finally taking place. No more will we have to see Justin Timberlakes eyes glazed with