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Gaga Five Foot Two – review

A behind the scenes documentary following Lady Gaga, her daily life during the making of a new album and the rehearsals for her half time show at the Superbowl. But is this really a warts and all portrait or a finely executed promotional film? Hmm,

I Am Heath Ledger – review

Documentary about the Australian actor Heath Ledger who died in 2008. The documentary is a combination of talking heads and footage that Ledger filmed himself. More than anything I think this documentary was produced in order to make use of all the reels of unseen

Beware The Slenderman – review

Documentary about two 12 year old girls who stabbed a girl 19 times and told the police that they did it for The Slenderman. The Slenderman is a bogeyman, a tall faceless man in a dark suit who often lurks in the woods and lures

Audrie And Daisy – review

A Netflix documentary taking a look at the rise in social media bullying and teenage rape, with focus on four specific case across the US all with shocking similarity. The Audrie of the title was sexually assaulted by two boys and then after a week

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All Things Must Pass – review

The subtitle of this documentary is the rise and fall of Tower Records, which pretty much tells you all you need to know. This is a standard format documentary, talking heads interspersed with archive footage, (from Colin Hanks, Toms son) but the story of Tower

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The True Cost – review

Documentary focusing on the fashion industry, not the high end cat walk fashion industry, but the the fast moving world of high street fashion, how it effect farmers growing cotton, workers in Bangladesh making the clothes and the consumers buying them. The True Cost is

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Amy – review

  Documentary chronicling the life of Amy Winehouse. From the director of the Senna doc, Asif Kapadia, uses no narration and no talking head interviews, using only archive footage and photographs along with audio only interviews to tell the story. It is very effective and

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Katy Perry Part Of Me – review

  A documentary following Katy Perry during her 2011 tour. This documentary may be full of the usual stage performances, behind the scenes soundbites and not knowing what city you are in. What make Part Of Me a bit more interesting and Katy Perry a

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La Bare – review

  Documentary about the male strip club in Dallas, called La Bare, which was part of the basis for Magic Mike. This documentary has been directed by Joe Manganiello, who is one of the actors in Magic Mike, he was clearly influence by the strippers

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Dinosaur 13 – review

  Documentary tracing the strange afterlife of one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever found. The skeleton was found and excavated in South Dakota in 1990, then things got weird. The bones were confiscated by the US government and resulted in a massive