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Weekly Roundup – 23 Apr 17

Another round of premieres for a movie staring Chris Pratt means another collection of photos of Chris Pratt looking uncomfortable and not knowing what to do with his hands.  But he has a new pose in addition to the ‘doing up my button’ pose … He

Weekly Roundup – 07 Feb 17

We all saw the plethora of Winona Ryders facial expressions last week, and while I agree with her, everyone was a little bit too excited and while earnest, it is still a bit too much. But have you seen this photo? Because it explains everything.

Top 10 grandad t-shirts

The grandad t-shirt sure is one item of clothing that lets us know a persons character without them even opening their mouth. It is a t-shirt that tells the audience that the person is working class and will do physical labour for a living, and

Passengers – review

5000 passengers are in suspended animation on a 120 year journey through deep space to start life on a new planet, but one unlucky guy (Chris Pratt) wakes up 90 years too soon. Alone and unable to call for help or work out how to

Weekly Roundup – 07 Jan 17

  I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was quite as ginger as he is, and then I realised it was Ed Sheeran.   Maybe pregnant, bathroom yoga would be more impressive if you didn’t have to lean against a Ikea Frode folding chair and you didn’t

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Top 10 Actors with Props

Harrison Ford is tired of taking abuse from that lamp.   I know mobile phones were different back in the 1970s but the fact that Jeff Bridges has managed to get signal from his hand is something else. Shame there is no one to answer

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The Magnificent Seven – review

A ragtag band of cowboys help out a small town by taking on the big bad who is set of stealing their land and their gold. The Magnificent Seven is a remake of a remake and I must confess I have seen neither the original

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Weekly Roundup – 16 Sep 16

Just when you thought you’d be safe from Justin Timberlake selling his soul, he is back at it, with 10 minutes on the red carpet to be as annoying as he can be. But at least he isn’t trying to make us watch Trolls for

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Why has Chris Pratt made it, but comedy actresses are only funny if they are fat?

You remember how surprised everyone was when Chris Pratt when from ruff to buff? He was the actual real life embodiment of the ‘beautiful all along’ trope, you know, where the character gets a makeover (or a trip the opticians for some contacts and some

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10 Years – review

This movie takes place at a 10 year high school reunion. All the popular kids are back in their hometown, some of them are the same and some of them have changed all of them have memories. To be honest the reasons to watch this