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Kingsman: The Golden Circle – review

The sequel to the surprise hit of 2014, Kingsman was the chav turned spy movie.  (There were a lot of spy movies that year).The second time round the Kingsman spy agency is in big trouble, the villain has blown everyone up leaving just Eggsy (in

Logan Lucky – review

Down on his luck and perhaps fulfilling the family curse, Jimmy Logan together with his brother and sister hatch a plan to rob the speedway when the NASCAR is in town. On paper and in trailer Logan Lucky sounds like an absolute winner. Like Oceans

Are they going to fight or are they going to kiss?

Have you noticed there are scenes in movies where two characters are having an angry face off before they start fighting, and somebody in the theatre yells, ‘kiss him!’ Maybe the endings would have been improved had kissing been involved rather than fighting? Bruce Waynes

Weekly Roundup – 29 Aug 17

Have you noticed it is becoming more difficult to tell the difference between  John Goodman and Russell Crowe? They both look like a Granddad that keeps all the Haribo to himself. Kerry Katona has had a lot of time on her hands since leaving Atomic

Weekly Roundup – 12 Aug 17

What can I say August 2017 has been slow going for stories that you might find amusing. This weeks roundup features a lot of people making poor choices. Ariel Winter wonders why her dog doesn’t care that she is twerking, er … it’s a dog

Top 10 Vest Wearers

The vest wearer, an iconic look for an action star. Sometimes all it takes is one movie (or one vest) to make an icon, other times the vest becomes so linked to a character there is no other costume available for them to consider wearing.

Weekly Roundup – 16 Dec 16

Last week she was an Everton Mint, this week I am getting Dracula vibes, anyone else see it? (Apart from the sunlight obviously).   The other week we already established that Conor McGregor may not be all that bright because he was unsure about what

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Weekly Roundup -05 May 16

The only justification for Zayn wearing metal arms to the Met Gala is that he really, really wanted to go and watch Captain America Civil War instead. Everything else just makes you look like an idiot. (Or Jax from Mortal Kombat). I find this photo

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10 Years – review

This movie takes place at a 10 year high school reunion. All the popular kids are back in their hometown, some of them are the same and some of them have changed all of them have memories. To be honest the reasons to watch this

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Hail, Caesar! – review

Set during post-war Hollywood, Hail Caesar follows a day in the life of Josh Brolins studio man in charge of movie production and all that entails, from wrangling out of control actors, to feeding the press stories to paying ransom demands. I couldn’t work out