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Weekly Roundup – 16 Dec 16

Last week she was an Everton Mint, this week I am getting Dracula vibes, anyone else see it? (Apart from the sunlight obviously).   The other week we already established that Conor McGregor may not be all that bright because he was unsure about what

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Aaron Paul sells the Xbox One

Not only is this advert the bane of the owners of Xbox onesies everywhere if his voice is turning the xboxes when ever he is on screen. This commercial does not make me want to buy an xbox, nor does it make me think that

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One successful TV show doesn’t always make you a movie star

Enjoy it while it lasts Aaron Paul, anyone who is that much of an mouth breather, (seriously can that guy not shut his mouth when there is a camera in front of him) and *whisper it* really short, is not going to make it. Especially

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Yearly Roundup 2013

Best place to be: The London Underground You never know when you might accidentally on purpose bump into a god of thunder. Or witness a girl fight of epic proportions¬†     Best use of Britney Spears: Spring Breakers Although missing out from making my