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Justice League – review

Just like Marvels The Avengers, Justice League unites all the DC superheroes because there is a villain so big, so bad that the likes of Wonder Woman and Batman just can’t stop them on their own. So the DC universe is a long and winding

Are they going to fight or are they going to kiss?

Have you noticed there are scenes in movies where two characters are having an angry face off before they start fighting, and somebody in the theatre yells, ‘kiss him!’ Maybe the endings would have been improved had kissing been involved rather than fighting? Bruce Waynes

Weekly Roundup – 07 Jan 17

  I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was quite as ginger as he is, and then I realised it was Ed Sheeran.   Maybe pregnant, bathroom yoga would be more impressive if you didn’t have to lean against a Ikea Frode folding chair and you didn’t

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Animals dressed as Harry Potter and other fictional characters

Don’t ask me what strange street on the internet I found all these pictures of pets in costumes but I thought it was important that you see them too. Not just cats and dogs and not just a little bandanna round the neck, full on

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Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice – review

After the events of Man Of Steel, Bruce Wayne sees Superman as a threat and not a hero, and a few other people share that opinion. So Batman decides he should have a go at stopping Supes from being super, but also so does Lex

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The Beard of Sadness

You know in a movie when the main character is troubled or going through some real emotional stuff, but because he is a manly man this can not be directly addressed to anyone. But with only scraggly looking beard we know he is tall dark and

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The Many Faces Of Christian Bale

We all know that Christian Bale is fantastic at physical transformations going from anorexic thin to dad bod and every type of buff guy in between. But there are a few things you should know, the first is ‘The Mole’, once you see it, you

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How To Be A Badass By Wearing Warpaint

Have you noticed that when a character dons some form of warpaint they are really upping their game? Seriously, someone can go from crazy person with a mission to hardcore badass with some well applied make up. What else can do that? Besides the eyepatch

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Batman: Assault On Arkham – review

  Batman Assault on Arkham, a group of villains have been persuaded by a dodgy cop to break into Arkham Asylum under the nose of the prison guards and the Batman in order to retrieve something the Riddler has stolen. A direct to DVD/VOD release,

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Top 10 Top Hat Wearers

The Penguin – the guy may be 4 foot tall, eat fish and have weird flipper hands but the dude sure can rock a top hat and tails. Colombia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a gold top hat is really something to be