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Top 10 Man Buns

Man Buns are everywhere in Hollywood, if you haven’t got one are you even relevant?  Kit Harrington wears the man bun of contractual obligation Bradley Cooper, bit of a weak one really, more of a top knot you give to a dog to keep its

Silence – review

Set in 17th century Japan, two Portuguese missionaries go searching for their mission mentor who has rumoured to have abandoned his faith. They risk constant danger, torture and death from Feudal lords by providing forbidden Christian teachings to locals. Martin Scorsese loves religion, probably as

Hacksaw Ridge – review

Based on the true story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist who joined the army during WWII and refused to carry a gun. Hated and treated with suspicion by all the other recruits. His beliefs are tested when his unit is sent to the battle of

Weekly Roundup – 16 Dec 16

Last week she was an Everton Mint, this week I am getting Dracula vibes, anyone else see it? (Apart from the sunlight obviously).   The other week we already established that Conor McGregor may not be all that bright because he was unsure about what

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99 Homes – review

Unemployed, single parent, construction worker (Andrew Garfield) is evicted from his home along with his mother after the his house goes into foreclosure. An unscrupulous real estate broker (Michael Shannon) who was responsible for the eviction offers him a job, but  of course the job

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Celebrities love eating ice cream for money

Now ice cream may be something that is difficult to eat in public without looking either very silly or just a tad solicitous. Take Andrew Garfield here, he is a massive nerd, look at him with his Howard the Duck t-shirt and his ice cream

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Weekly Roundup – 28 May 15

Kaley Cuoco, no, you’re doing it wrong. Not even Jem had pink eyebrows. it’s just too much. I spy a smug face, some unnecessary pda and a hipster fedora, I know who that is… I shed a tear when I watched the trailer for this

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The Amazing Spider-man 2 – review

  The sequel to the unneeded but reasonably enjoyable, The Amazing Spider-man. This time round Peter Parker still loves Gwen Stacy but they shouldn’t be together because of you know, the danger, the spandex, the science. This is told to us many many times. So