Queen Of Katwe – review

Phiona is being raised by a single mother in Katwe, Uganda in an area of poverty. She learns to play chess and wouldn’t you know is actually pretty good at it. Could playing chess help her and her family out of poverty? Queen Of Katwe

I Am Heath Ledger – review

Documentary about the Australian actor Heath Ledger who died in 2008. The documentary is a combination of talking heads and footage that Ledger filmed himself. More than anything I think this documentary was produced in order to make use of all the reels of unseen

Weekly Roundup – 16 Jun 17

So this week it was the premiere of that rubbish looking movie Rough Night, about a bachelorette party that accidentally kills a stripper, comedy ensues. Yes apparently a dead stripper = funny. But anyway I thought that I should point out this smiling girl in

Table 19 – review

A table of misfits go to a wedding when they probably should have stayed at home, watched Netflix and eaten ice cream. Wow forget the idea of this movie being a comedy because Table 19 is not funny. There may be a terrible gag about

Chris Hemsworth And Diego Luna Sell Clean Oceans And Beer (Sort Of)

Chris Hemsworth and Diego Luna are being heroes by promoting the clean up of oceans. They are selling us the idea of cleaning up plastic bottles on the beach. Which is a good thing.  They also gain a free holiday to an exotic location, go surfing

The Lego Batman Movie – review

The scene stealer from 2014s The Lego Movie gets his very own Lego movie. The Lego Batman movie features one of the best Batman (Batmen?) on screen, seriously. The filmmakers understand that Batman may be a dark and brooding loner, but that there is also

Ansel Elgort loves wearing someone else’s clothes

I have noticed two things about Ansel Elgort 1) he frequently looks like he knows a secret, maybe this secret is about you, maybe it is about the number of Curly Wurlys he currently has stuffed down his trousers, who knows? 2) he wears weird

Wonder Woman – review

Wonder Woman may have stolen the show in Batman vs Superman but how did she get from being Princess Diana of Themyscira to Wonder Woman? We are about to find out. There was a lot of pressure on Wonder Woman to be well received. Yes

Child actors who have made it to adult success

There are always stories of child actors who go off the rails. Too much money and fame. Disney kids like Lindsay Lohan never getting to be an adult actor. Macaulay Culkin who was a grown up and not a cute little 10 year old. That

Bone Tomahawk – review

Kurt Russell is the town sheriff who together with his aged deputy, a husband with an broken leg and a well dressed sociopath are on a mission to rescue a medic and another deputy who have been kidnapped by some cave dwelling cannibals. This movie