Bella Hadid is an uncomfortable sitter

Bella Hadid has a lot of photo shoots to her name, in a lot of these photos hoots she is sitting down, it perhaps she is often tired needs a rest? But she never really looks at one with her chair. Like she doesn’t really know how

Hacksaw Ridge – review

Based on the true story of Desmond Doss, a pacifist who joined the army during WWII and refused to carry a gun. Hated and treated with suspicion by all the other recruits. His beliefs are tested when his unit is sent to the battle of

Weekly Roundup – 27 Jan 17

It’s a slow going out there this week, but did you notice Justin Bieber? Those pointed boots, that haircut and those figure hugging jeans. I haven’t seen him look this much like a lesbian since he took Selena to the prom.   What about the poster

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel love looking at each other

JT & JB have perfected this red carpet duo pose, looking at each other and acting like the other person has either a) told the funniest joke you have ever told or b) they have both farted and are ready to walk further down the

The problem with Smurfette Syndrome

Reese Witherspoon talked about the Smurfette Syndrone recently, see here. She isn’t wrong, being the only girl in the village happens a lot. For as long as there has been movies with a team of people, no matter the genre, there is usually only one space

Stretch – review

Tired with life LA limo driver (Patrick Wilson) needs to make some money pronto to pay off some debts, so when he gets the opportunity to drive eccentric billionaire for the evening he jumps at the chance, but eccentric billionaire do weird things and go

Top 10 Fake Smiles

10) Kate Middleton – her house motto is fake it till you make it, now she is a proper princess, she just fake smiles and thinks of all the future hats she gets to wear.    9) Emma Roberts – she might be showing a

The Hard Working Facial Hair Of Ben Affleck

Now Ben Affleck may often act with his mouth hanging open and is generally more respected for his directing rather than his acting but have you noticed that Ben Affleck is not afraid to to dabble in a beard now and again, should the role require

Top 10 grandad t-shirts

The grandad t-shirt sure is one item of clothing that lets us know a persons character without them even opening their mouth. It is a t-shirt that tells the audience that the person is working class and will do physical labour for a living, and

La La Land – review

Everyone is in LA waiting for their big break Mia (Emma Stone) is a wannabe actress and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz crazy pianist, they both have their dreams but along the way they find each other. But is that enough to tide them