Kendall Jenner Sells Lipstick

Kendall Jenner may now be infamous for one of the worse commercials to have been produced (but I’m sure kept the paycheck so don’t feel too bad for her) but she also has another ad recently, for lipstick this time , and it isn’t so

Weekly Roundup – 15 Apr 17

The cropped haircut, the vicar hands, the colour co-ordinated trouser suit. I don’t think it is my imagination, I think Gemma Arterton is deliberately imitating Julie Andrews.    Who wants to tell Carrie Underwood she has her trousers on backwards?   Pixie Lott is tired of

Life – review

A team of astronauts stationed at ISS have been tasked with determining if the dust found on Mars is actually evidence of life. Er … yes as this dust is actually alive and ends up wanting to eat your face off. The word that springs

How to be Wolverine

We have seen Logan and actually thought it was good we now all want more Wolverine but Hugh Jackman has decided to hang up his claws, who is going to replace him? I don’t know . But I think I have found the magic formula

Celebrities love hiding their curly hair

Have you noticed how many celebs nowadays are getting rid of their curly hair? But I say it is time to embrace the curl and put down the straighteners, stop hiding the ringlets with keratin and get back to the roots. Top of the list

Hidden Figures – review

Back during the space race between America and Russia in the 1960s a proportion of the workforce at NASA was African American women who were very gifted at Mathematics. Hidden Figures is a bit like a blueberry muffin, it is sweet and fluffy but still

Kendall Jenner Sells Fizzy Pop

So the commercial may have been pulled before it even gets to TV but we have seen it, it is too late . And you can’t put the genie back in the bottle now. While this has been widely mocked and ridiculed, it is sure

The Lost City Of Z – review

Based on the true story of Colonel Percy Fawcett, an army man in the beginning of the 20th century who wants some medals for his uniform real bad. The only way he is going to get them is to map the uncharted territories of the

Weekly Roundup – 04 Apr 17

The villain to be featured in Spider-Man Homecoming is Vulture, while I appreciate that they are going for that furry ruff  thing from his costume, really it looks like Vin Diesel has seriously let himself go, hasn’t been to the gym for a year and

Odd Couple – one of Adam Sandlers posse and that girl from Glee

Well here is an odd couple for you, so odd that when I heard this I thought it was an April Fool for sure (and I am still not 100% convinced that it isn’t a trick) You don’t frolic in the pool with your dads