Manchester By The Sea – review

Lonely isolated Lee, lives a quiet existence as a handyman in suburban Boston. His life changes when his brother dies and he has been given full custody of his 16 year old nephew, his life is inevitably going to be different. Will he be able

Jason Momoa loves the hang loose dude pose

Jason Momoa uses the surfer dude hand sign a lot, like every photo opportunity, instead of pretending to do up his button or straighten his tie, he breaks out the I’m so cool, I’m a free spirit, I don’t wear no suit and tie pose.

Weekly Roundup – 17 Feb 17

I think Bella Hadid is psychically calling her cyborg dolphin to come and pick her up from the gym, Johnny Mnemonic style.   Don’t you just hate it when someone makes it obvious that they have been Facebook stalking you? Also at the Baftas, everyone

Blake Shelton Sells Vodka

There is no commercial for Blake Shelton drinking Vodka, so I don’t have a video to show you and I found this sort of accidentally. ¬† While trying to understand what stylish, trendy, cool Gwen Stefani sees in the trucker cap, hunter jacket wearing heffalump

Train To Busan – review

Businessman and rubbish dad is taking his daughter on the train from Seoul to Busan to see her mother, but wouldn’t bad luck have it that it is that exact moment that a zombie outbreak occurs. Packed with a few great action scenes, a collection

Beware The Slenderman – review

Documentary about two 12 year old girls who stabbed a girl 19 times and told the police that they did it for The Slenderman. The Slenderman is a bogeyman, a tall faceless man in a dark suit who often lurks in the woods and lures

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part I

Previously we have talked about how the characters that Leo plays in the movies often live tragic lives and have tragic endings, see here. But have you noticed just how often Leo makes a dramatic scene, monologue or  otherwise important revelation while sat down? Whether

Split – review

Kevin has multiple personalities, one of these personalities has kitnapped 3 girls, possibly for the nefarious plans of an even worse personality. Will the girls be able to escape, will Kevin do something crazy? Any actor loves a role where they get to play multiple

Vin Diesel loves taking fashion risks

Vin Diesel has always done his own thing when it comes to fashion choices, we know he loves a white vest and he occasionally wears a tracksuit to public events. Hats are something he should probably give a miss, they love him like hats love

Hunt For The Wilderpeople – review

Ricky is a boy who is on his last chance in child services, he gets rehomed in the countryside and after a series of unfortunate events he finds himself in the outback with his cranky foster father and his dog Tupac while a statewide manhunt