Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Here are 10 movies that aren’t all major franchise/blockbusters/remakes that look intriguing that will be released in 2018. Most anticipated superhero movie – Venom Out of the 10 superhero movies due for release in 2018 Venom sounds the most interesting. Pitched at horror with an

Battle Of The Sexes – review

Set during 1973 Battle Of The Sexes follows Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) on the womens pro tennis circuit and retired tennis champion Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). She is trying to prove that women deserve equal pay and he is a bored retiree with a

Hailee Steinfeld loves a surprise party, even if it isn’t much of a surprise

Hailee Steinfeld had her 21st birthday so she had a big birthday party to celebrate, apparently it was a surprise party. But is it really a surprise when you have multiple paid sponsors and wearing a matching outfit your cardboard cutouts also attending the party?

Pitch Perfect 3 – review

The third instalment of the Pitch Perfect franchise finds the girls having left college and struggling with grown up life stuff so when an excuse to get the team back together to perform for US troops abroad and maybe win a recording contract they all

Weekly Roundup – 19 Dec 17

Demi Lovato, this isn’t 2001 anymore, Britney and Justin may have worn this ghastly denim combo at the beginning of the 00s and we shall never let them forget, but what is Demis excuse for this denim lingerie number? Lost a bet maybe? Holy Moly

The Disaster Artist – review

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, producer and star of The Room, the now notorious and cult movie from 2003. Francos brother Dave Franco co stars as Tommys friend Greg who is also a lead actor in The Room. The Disaster Artist follows

The Problem With Liam Payne

The problem with Liam Payne? Well the short answer, he just isn’t cool is he. But why isn’t he cool lets take a look. He dresses like Justin Bieber, but somehow Bieber makes it work. Liam looks like he thinks he should be wearing clothes

Weekly Roundup -11 Dec 17

Something Jared Leto can do that Jesus couldn’t number twenty two; handle this much knitwear at once.  Hooray Taylor Swift is back in the news, but who cares about her boyfriend, it means we get to see her security team again, and this time it

Top 10 Square Haircuts

No matter how many times I see an impossibly  square hair cut it surprises me.  Not just because I just don’t understand how hair manages to grow straight up like it is frightened but also why anyone would think that is a good look I’m

Justice League – review

Just like Marvels The Avengers, Justice League unites all the DC superheroes because there is a villain so big, so bad that the likes of Wonder Woman and Batman just can’t stop them on their own. So the DC universe is a long and winding