The Greatest Showman – review

A musical loosely based on the true story of PT Barnum (but ignoring the  extra exploitative and racist stuff he did) he gives up his office job with dreams of show business. He creates a circus made from unique people with unusual talents or just

Weekly Roundup – 22 Jan 18

Nicholas Cage has taken his obsession to the next level, the sunglasses indoors, the jewellery, the pose. Nick Cage has gone end stage Elvis.   Innocent little Big Sean, didn’t know there was a Disneyland in Paris. It’s only been there for 25 years. Who wants

John Boyega loves wearing nice suits and always looks like he is having fun

I think I would like to be friends with John Boyega. He always looks like he is having a great time, whatever the occasion and whoever he is with. He also picks nice suits to wear to premieres and always looks smart.  He might be sharing

Molly’s Game – review

When Molly Blooms shot at becoming an Olympic skier goes badly wrong, she takes a gap year and heads to LA looking for something new. She finds a high stakes poker game, and learns who to successfully run the game. But things start to go

Hidden Gem – Eastern Promises

Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out. Eastern Promises is from 2007 one of three films made by director David Cronemberg and staring Viggo Mortensen, the other two being

The Lego Ninjago Movie – review

The third feature length Lego movie and the first to be based on an established range of Lego. The Ninjago Lego movie follows the leader of the Ninjago ninja force , the green ninja (Dave Franco) whose father happens to be the big bad guy

Weekly Roundup – 14 Jan 18

New year, new gym clothes. What better reason to wear gym clothes is there, than sitting on the floor while cuddling a dog sat on the sofa? There is none.  Is Chris Hemsworth wearing too much jewellery or is it just me? He looks like

Destiny’s Child Love Denim

We all know that the ultimate couples denim combo was Justin and Britney but take a look back at the brief window of time, when Destiny’s Child ruled the denim coordinates, specifically from 1999 to 2004. Yes I know group denim also means B*witched but the

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – review

The sequel to the surprise hit of 2014, Kingsman was the chav turned spy movie.  (There were a lot of spy movies that year).The second time round the Kingsman spy agency is in big trouble, the villain has blown everyone up leaving just Eggsy (in

Top 10 Full Body Tattoos in the Movies

You know someone means business when they have a body full of tattoos in the movies. Other tattooed characters in movies may have one signature tattoo or even a couple, but a character with plenty of tattoos, well it is a shorthand way to let