Power Rangers – review

The mighty morphin power rangers are back. Five misfit teenagers gain special powers and have to learn to work together to stop the evil Rita Repulsa from destroying the world. I think you enjoyment of the Power Rangers is dependant on two things, how much

War Machine – review

Army general Glen McMahon (Brad Pitt) is in charge of the allied forces in Afghanistan in 2009, only problem is, he is good at war, not peace. He wants to end the war as a winner rather than leave quietly. War Machine is Netflix biggest

Celebrities love swans

We have all noticed the current obsession the giant inflatable swans, okay so sometimes it is a unicorn, but you get the idea, lots of swimwear and attempting to look glamorous while balancing carefully on an uncomfortable plastic bird. While the swan posing on Instagram

Weekly Roundup – 29 Jun 17

Have you ever wondered what Sandy from Grease would have looked like if she had have gone a bit OTT with becoming a pink lady for the makeover outfit? Take a look at Gigi Hadid.   Karen Gillan looks so lost and confused, probably because

The Great Wall – review

In 11th century China Matt Damon is a mercenary in search of black powder, what he finds is a Chinese military based on the great wall in a war with dragon like monsters. weird huh? Oh boy is this movie a mess, starting with Matt

Before I Fall – review

A high school girl with regular high school problems, popularity, a boy she sort of likes, and parents she argues with, but when she dies in a car crash, she wakes up at the beginning of the day again. Forced to live her last day

Top 10 Splits in the movies

There are only two reasons to do the splits in the movies, dancing or fighting. Here is a top 10 list of different splits found in the movies. 10) The Karate Kid –  Jaden Smith might be a bit of a brat, but give the

The Many Faces Of Charlize Theron

Over the past two decades Charlize Theron has established herself as a decent actress. Right now she is getting to pick more interesting roles, that just wouldn’t have been offered to her in the late 90s. She is even something of an action hero (thanks Mad Max

The Mummy – review

Another version of The Mummy, this time round the mummy is a woman and Tom Cruise is a military tomb robber, whom the mummy gets fixated on a little bit. There are action scenes, unravelling bandages and explosions. So The Mummy is the launch of

Bella Hadid is an uncomfortable sitter – part II

Bella Hadid does a serious amount of sitting down see here, please, go check her Instagram, I’ll wait. Just take a look how often she sits down in comparison to any other celeb instagram account, it is a lot and she doesn’t really sit like