Ben-Hur – review

A remake of the very long movie from 1959, about two brothers and the adopted one who has some serious bad luck, gets make a slave for a few years and then the two face off in a chariot race. Ben Hur is another one

The Birth Of A Nation – review

The true story of Nat Turner, a slave, who could read and was a preacher for all the slaves residing at the local farms in Virginia. But he can only take so much cruelty and hate, before he starts planning a revolt across the county. Director

Celebrities love dressing as Freddy Krueger

Why anybody would wear any item of clothing that is horizontal red and black stripes and it not be an awesome Halloween costume is beyond me. The stripey jumper is synonymous with Freddy Krueger. But unless you are a nightmare demon with a clawed right hand

Adrien Brody sells cars

To be specific, Adrien Brody is trying to sell us the Fiat 500x. Take a look at the commercial below.    The result we can clearly see, is that Adrien Brody is a very delusional man. With not much of a grasp on reality.   

The Frontier – review

Girl on the run ends up at a tired old dusty motel and diner on the outskirts of Phoenix. She wants to have a rest, but the strange collection of people that are hanging round the motel and the offer of a job means that

Bad boy rebels (who aren’t that bad really) love sitting backwards on a chair

Bad boy rebels, the ones from 1990s and 2000s tv shows, they need to demonstrate they are willing to buck the system, but you know, not too much. The perfect example of this is sitting on a chair backwards. In Saved By The Bell, both Zack

The Many Faces Of Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver may have dug herself something of a niche, with a reputation for appearing in sci-fi – thanks Alien franchise, she now collects a paycheck for making cameo roles or even a voice-over or two in sci-fi or sci-fi(ish) movies, Wall-e, Cabin In The

The Handmaiden – review

A poor thief is sent to be a handmaiden for a rich and vulnerable lady, who lives with her creepy uncle,  in order to convince her to marry a conman, then they will stick her in an institute and keep the money for themselves. But

Chris Pine loves looking suave next to a car

Have you noticed, (other than his giant forehead) if there is one thing Chris Pine loves to do, it’s to look off in the middle distance while sitting in a car. It makes him look suave and thoughtful, plus this works especially well if the

Sully – review

Retelling of the ‘miracle on the Hudson’ when a passenger plane lost power to its engines and the pilot successfully landed the plane on the river, with no loss of life to all 155 people on board, but in the aftermath, the pilot was questioned as