Gifted – review

Chris Evans play the uncle of recently orphaned, but very smart 7 year old. He wants her to go to a regular school like any other kid but when the grandmother gets to hear that her grandchild is being held back from her full potential,

Ashton Kutcher is a terrible dresser

Ashton Kutcher used to be a model, well now he is in charge of his own wardrobe, and it shows. So many sports based outfits. Excessive knitwear and dressing like a cowboy.  He is a terrible dresser. Fact. Ashton Kutchers IMDB page is a pretty

Your Name – review

City boy and country girl discover they can swap bodies. Initially they find this to be an inconvenience but after beginning to appreciate each other, they want to meet, but will they be able to before fate divides them? One of the most popular animated

Celebrities sell their own booze

Have you noticed there has been an increase in celebrities not just endorsing alcohol, but investing in a company that makes it. No one is all that fussy when it comes to which type of alcohol they are selling, wine, whisky, tequila if you can

Celebrities love an alternative to a man bun hairstyle

There may still be a whole host of manbuns at work in Hollywood but a few guys are out there  trying different hairstyles and trying to make it their own. Of course Jared Leto has done the man bun already and has moved on to

Thor: Ragnarok – review

Thor returns for his third solo adventure. This time around, his long lost evil half sister has appeared and wants to rule Asgard. In the process she manages to cast Thor and brother Loki to another planet, where Thor is captured and forced into a

Weekly Roundup – 23 Oct 17

Rita Ora is happy to announce the results of her citizenship test, she is most definitely British, the only thing missing from this outfit is a teapot under her arm and a London bus.   Yes Justin Bieber has more tattoos this week, but who cares

The Dark Tower – review

The Gunslinger must protect The Dark Tower from the evil Man In Black who is trying to destroy it, using the minds of powerful psychic children whom he takes from different worlds. I said to myself as the title cards started, ‘if this movie doesn’t

Mila Kunis Sells Bourbon Again

Now that Mila Kunis is no longer pregnant it is okay for her to be promoting alcohol again. Selling Jim Beam, the Pepsi to Jack Daniels Coke, but last time she was drinking Jim Beam with an ice cube, all grown up and sophisticated like,

Blade Runner 2049 – review

The sequel to the 1982 sci-fi noir classic, finds Ryan Gosling as a Blade Runner, a police officer responsible for removing the last remaining model of replicants who have the ability of free will. His latest case becomes a lot more complicated than he original