Too Late – review

A private detective in LA traces a girl who went missing in a local park asking for his help. Along the way he encounters strange families, strip clubs and other seedy venues in order to get to the truth. It is clear writer/director Dennis Hauck

Audrie And Daisy – review

A Netflix documentary taking a look at the rise in social media bullying and teenage rape, with focus on four specific case across the US all with shocking similarity. The Audrie of the title was sexually assaulted by two boys and then after a week

Masterminds – review

Based on the true story of one of the biggest bank robberies in American history. An idiot gets trickedby some other idiots into taking all the money from his employers armoured car company. While you would think that much of the movie is ridiculous exaggeration,

Weekly Roundup – 07 Jan 17

  I didn’t realise Seth Rogen was quite as ginger as he is, and then I realised it was Ed Sheeran.   Maybe pregnant, bathroom yoga would be more impressive if you didn’t have to lean against a Ikea Frode folding chair and you didn’t

The Many Faces (and hats) of Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has had a lot of hairstyles, nearly as many hats as Taylor Swift and a lot of different looks. The lumberjack lesbian The Fresh Prince The suave, the only thing more sultan of swoon is Matt Bomer with two fedoras. The Little Richard

The skybeam of doom in all the movies

Everybody is starting to notice that there is often a big swirly beam of light (usually blue but sometimes green) in the sky in a lot of movies. People are starting to notice and we are getting bored of it. Superhero movies get a lot

Taylor Swift loves kissing her friends

Taylor Swift sure has a lot of friends. Just between us, I don’t think I know who everyone is in the bad blood video, (I don’t know, a model, is my usual answer). But what we do know is that Taylor loves to give a

The Many Faces Of Chris Pine

Chris Pine has two looks, for the longest time I thought he had only one look – smug. But it turns out that he has another face in his arsenal – confused. It also happens that he uses this face as much as smug.  Lets take

Jane Got A Gun – review

Jane has a troublesome husband who returns home wounded and with some bad guys heading their way. Rather than run, she recruits her ex-boyfriend to help her get some guns and defend the homestead Home Alone style. Jane Got A Gun might as well be

Most disappointing movies of 2016

A few of these movies are terrible, others I just wanted to be better. Lights OutThere might be a few decent jump scares and some good use of coloured light, but what Lights Out has to say about mental illness is pretty terrible. *Spoiler* Life will