Odd Couple – The Mara sister that has trouble smiling and Joaquin Phoenix

Are Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix an Odd Couple or just a couple who are a bit odd? Both are actors to be taken seriously and are from families with a big name. Both are a bit sad looking and have a black wardrobe too.

The Founder – review

Ray Kroc is a struggling travelling salesman, he meets the McDonald brothers and understands that their burger restaurant and its new way of making and serving the food really fast has massive potential. He has the ambition  to franchise the burger restaurant and get it

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – review

The sequel to the Marvel not so super superheroes in space movie from 2014. The guardians are back, they still love music, they still bicker and they still make plenty of jokes. The only this time round everybody has got daddy issues. The obvious question

Weekly Roundup – 07 May 17

  I know I have gone on a lot lately about Chris Pratts obvious use of the ‘you’ve caught me doing up my buttons’ pose but the reason why he does it becomes obvious when you see Billy Crudups rather awkward pose on the Alien

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword – review

Another telling of the King Arthur legend, this time director Guy Ritchie has gotten his dirty London wideboy paws all over it, but this time with added magic. So King Arthur from the director of Lock Stock and Sherlock Holmes is exactly what you think

The Many Faces of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is a bit of a rarity, it isn’t that he has any particular shortcuts that he uses in his acting it is that he often has themes to his movies. Take for instance, sports. Yes Kevin Costner has been in more baseball movies

Miss Sloane – review

Miss Sloane is a Washington lobbyist. She wears sharp suits and talks fast about politics. She may be ruthless but she is also very good, willing to push the limits of legality. She quits her job and starts work at a small firm with the

The Real Hero – Bail Organa

Sometimes a character gets overlooked, someone who may not be as loud or as flashy or even the main character but they are in fact really important to the story but you just never noticed. This edition of The Real Hero features Bail Organa from

Weekly Roundup – 23 Apr 17

Another round of premieres for a movie staring Chris Pratt means another collection of photos of Chris Pratt looking uncomfortable and not knowing what to do with his hands.  But he has a new pose in addition to the ‘doing up my button’ pose … He

Fences – review

Set in the 1950s, Denzel Washington plays husband and father, and Viola Davis plays his wife. He is bit of a moody, angry at the world ass but he sure can give a good speech in his back yard when he needs to. The film