Shower Scenes in the Movies

There are many reasons why people take a shower in the movies and nearly none of them are because they smell. The cathartic shower – you have had a very bad day and need the shower to wash away the pain and the metaphorical (or real) dirt.

The Girl With All The Gifts – review

Sometime after a zombie apocalypse has occurred there is military base where a group of children who are somewhere between zombies and children are being cared for/experimented on by teachers and scientists. When the military base is attacked, only a small group of survivors are

Loving – review

Based on the true story of Richard and Mildred Loving a couple who were married in 1958, their marriage was illegal in their home state of Virginia because Richard was white and Mildred was black. They faced prison and banishment from the state because of

Top 10 people who can fly

Inspired by Lady Gaga and her ability to strike a series of amazing poses while flying, I thought we’d take a look at some other people who know how to fly and showboat while doing so.   Rose from Titanic – ‘I’m flying Jack’ … well

Moonlight – review

Moonlight follows the story of Chiron, at three different points in his life as a boy, as a teenager and as a young man. He doesn’t have a particularly fun life, he is bullied at school, his mum is a drug addict and the only

Weekly Roundup – 03 Mar 17

Alicia Keys doing some interpretive Beetlejuice outfit styling.    Now Orlando Bloom is back in the market for a rich wife, he is back trawling the beaches of Malibu to hook a wealthy bird. He is sucking in that belly and working that sand like

Logan – review

Set in 2029, Wolverine is quietly working as a limo taxi driver to make some money to keep Professor Xavier hidden over the boarder in Mexico. But Wolverine isn’t right, he looks old and unwell, his healing factor isn’t working like it was. And when a

Eleven from Stranger Things Sells Canvas Shoes

Taking aim at the corner of the population most likely to be influenced by advertising and buy be bought things they didn’t know they needed, Converse have plonked the breakout star (Millie Bobby Brown) from 80s pop culture nostalgia fest Stranger Things into their 80s

John Wick Chapter 2 – review

In the first John Wick movie, the retired hitman is dragged back into the game because a little dirt bag steals his car and kills his puppy, but now everyone know the master assassin is taking names and kicking ass again, they all want him

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sitting – Part II

Part I of Leo loves sitting was all about how much Leo loves to sit and be dramatic in the movies. Part II is about how much he likes to sit and think about things in real life too. Sometimes he sits and thinks about