The Man With The Iron Fists – review

This movie is pretty much a vanity project by RZA from the Wu Tang Clan, he directed, co-wrote and stared in The Man With The Iron Fists. On paper it sounds like it should be a great B-movie – over-the-top characters, gory violence, 70s kung

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Weekly Roundup – 12 October 13

This is spooky eyed lady without eyebrows is actually Adele in the back of a taxi and not the reincarnated spirit of Margaret Thatcher. Easy mistake to make though. Haley Joel Osment is only 25 years old, we haven’t seen him acting in anything lately

The Many Faces of Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is the one on the left, although she is easily confused with her mini-me daughter Ava, and her country music doppelgänger Carrie Underwood. Reese Witherspoon has two stock faces that she uses on a frequent basis, there is ‘the happy face’, where you can

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Rush – review

No one has ever said, ‘oh its the new Ron Howard movie I’ve got to see that.’ But he does have a backlist of previous films I’ve enjoyed, like Gran Torino, no wait that was Clint Eastwood or what about The Aviator I liked that,

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Odd Couple – the actress that was married to Sean Penn and that actor that played Angel in that awful third X-men movie

Buttercup from The Princess Bride has recently been displaying the signs of a lady midlife crisis,  first, there is the short haircutand the dating a younger man, in this case 15 years her junior. Maybe they met over a shared love of pant suits? I guess

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Rihanna Sells Clothes

There are plenty of celebrity endorsed clothing brands in high street stores at the moment.  But isn’t the whole selling point actually the celebrity in the clothes? Rihanna couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to the promo photo shoot. Do River Island think we

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Weekly Roundup – 24 September 13

Britney has finally anounce thats she’s doing Vegas, for 2 years, VIP tickets only $1500. But the take home message I get from the big launch is that Britney is wearing sunglasses, yes she may be in the middle of the desert, but at four

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Mark Wahlberg hates regrets

The artist formally known as Marky Mark thinks his most embarrassing moment is the modelling he did with Kate Moss. Really? Most embarrassing. Its classy, (its in black and white after all) and he has a frowny face while standing next to the worlds most

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The Call – review

Another movie from the WWE studio that doesn’t feature John Cena. The Call is very much a high concept movie, like Speed. In a sentence,  there is a girl in the boot of a car, she has been kidnapped and she’s on the phone to

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Big Sean loves to point at people

If like me, you have been pondering away the hours, wondering who exactly is Big Sean? Why exactly does he appear in everyone elses music videos for one verse. (Seriously I count 15 featured artist credits) I presume he then just goes home early rather