Odd Couple – The Mara sister that has trouble smiling and Joaquin Phoenix

Are Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix an Odd Couple or just a couple who are a bit odd?

Both are actors to be taken seriously and are from families with a big name. Both are a bit sad looking and have a black wardrobe too.

Previously Mara has dated small time director Chris McDowell. Together they look boring but with plenty of money. I imagine they do all their food shopping in Waitrose and do lots of recycling.

On his own he looks more frightened than a deer about to go head on with a Ford F150. 


For a while Joaquin looked a lot like Wolverine after a 5 day bender, but he still managed to pull the birds.

Even if he probably shouldn’t. She is way to young for you Joaquin.  

He has dated a lot of models previously and Liv Tyler back when he was young and moody. 

Now Rooney is the moody one, only having previously gained back her ability to smile. See here. There is a almost smile on her face.  And Phoenix looks like he has just found those clothes on the street.