Free Fire – review

A black market arms deal in a warehouse, set in the 1970s  goes a bit wrong. A whole bunch of people with access to guns, low morals and who really don’t want to get caught by the police, you can see where this is heading right?

Image Reservoir Dogs but take away the black suits and ties and add some flares and crushed velvet and you basically have Free Fire. The only difference,  Reservoir Dogs is a slick, well paced, Mexican standoff movie with smart dialogue. Free Fire has the confidence  to think it is all of these things but in fact is actually pretty boring to watch.

Free Fire thinks it is funny and kooky and retro. But if you don’t care about the characters you don’t care who gets shot and who gets away with the money.

Not sure why I have seen so many 4 star reviews of this film. One of the most disappointing movies I have seen this year, boring and unengaging.