Weekly Roundup – 30 September 16

I hope everyone has been keeping an eye out for Taylor Swifts security team. 10 points if you spotted ‘the one is the check shirt’ this week.


And another week another shameless promotion of Timberlake and Anna Kendrick looking awkward next to each other to promote Trolls. When will this multicoloured nightmare ever be released?? They really have nothing to talk about when they are stuck in a car together do they? If Kendrick had a stick instead of a purse in that first photo she would be a lot happier.



Now Orlando Bloom has a public Instagram account. (What does it matter now that everyone has seen your junk I guess?) There are more photos of the black and white stripey t-shirt he is so fond of, the scruffy sailor of Malibu still lives! (Katy has probably bought him some more clothes by now.)



Speaking of Orlando Bloom, do you think he shows pictures of Rupert Friend to Katy Perry? This is my future without you.



Please ignore the casually dressed at a movie premiere Mark Wahlberg and take a look at the guy with his phone that close to his face? Seriously dude go to an opticians if its that bad.



It is a good job Winona Ryder is all trendy again thanks to Stranger Things or else Tim Burton would be doing the hand prints on the sidewalk on his own, what with his trusty favourites not being so favourite at the moment, divorcing HBC and Johnny Depp not being a good person to be standing next to right now.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Winona is such a lovely woman.

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