Weekly Roundup -24 October 16

Poor Rosamund Pike, just when you thought this floffy monster of a dress couldn’t get any worse, you realise it is like the mullet of dresses (but instead of business at the front, party at the back, its swan at the top and lounging at the bottom.)


Did she forget to ditch the trackys or what? I’m not even going to comment on the feathers.



When you can’t get a date so you have to go to the prom with your hot older cousin. Super awkward.



When you’ve just put your hip out but you have to grin and bear the pain and get some photos in.



Not too sure who Katie Stevens is, but when you go to a Halloween party dressed as Mary Poppins instead of a slutty cat is amazing in my eyes.



Speaking of slutty cats, not sure what Scherzinger is doing here, but she has no chill.



I’m not going to be the one tell her, but Taylor Swift looks like Gail from Corrie.