Weekly Roundup – 24 November 16

Have you ever wondered what Robert Pattinson would look like if he decided to go chav instead of hipster? I give you Mac Miller. I am actually shocked that this guy isn’t British, I’m sure I’ve seen him on Jeremy Kyle before.

Behind The Scenes With MAC Miller Filming Music Choice's "Take Back Your Music" Campaign


When you are in the middle of the red carpet and suddenly you are hit with a grand philosophical question. Am I a tiny person or is my sister a giant?



Speaking of tiny people, here is Bruno Mars perched on a stool. His legs don’t touch the floor, so he has to put his feet on a bucket. he thought we wouldn’t notice because he was being all dramatic and moody and stuff. We noticed.



It’s a good job Conor McGregor is good at punching and kicking people because he can’t put answering the phone on his resume. Dude, that ain’t no phone. I like the way his mate is waiting for his call to be answered any second now.



When you have regrets that maybe your elephant headdress is a little bit too big, you won’t be able to see where you are walking and maybe you are a bit too obsessed with doh nutters, but then you see your mates elephant headdress and she looks like an actual nob head, so you’re cool with it.



Sand is course and rough and irritating and gets everywhere plus it doesn’t keep you warm. Somebody get Ola Jordan a blanket, quick. She is so cold she has to hug herself for warmth.


I wish I was friends with John Boyega, he can go from looking charming in a Nigerian dress shirt to practicing his model poses in between takes for Pacific Rim 2. He is classy.



This movie reminds me of a nightmare I had once, New Balance trainers, Maisie William in  90s cosplay, music by Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as God. The Book Of Love? It’s a no from me.