Weekly Roundup – 22 September 16

When ‘proper’ news outlets don’t want to be seen as lowbrow by commenting on the break up of Brad and Angelina but they really don’t want to miss out on all the potential clicks, so they talk about the wax works instead. Madame Tussauds thanks them kindly.



I haven’t mentioned this for a while but Chris Pine and Ariana Grande are a good reminder. You should know it by now, if you are not a) Simon Phoenix b) Chucky c) a teenage lesbian then you have no right to be in dungarees. Seriously why does Chris Pine even own those dungarees, let alone wear them and team them with a straw hat and red vans?



After getting over the initial confusion of why they bothered to put a little section of pretend train platform instead of a red carpet, please notice the shouty lady. She looks like a very angry otter.


It must be her job, she is in more than one photo, she shouts and takes charge of that red carpet that is actually a train platform.



If I saw that many country music stars walking out of a cornfield many of which are armed with guitars I would run as fast as I could in the other direction. This is creepy.



John Wick 2, count me in, even if he is sporting a Seneca Crane from the Hunger Games beard.