Weekly Roundup – 15 Nov 16

There may have been a lot happening this week but here is some stuff you might have missed.

I don’t think Reese Witherspoon is a natural reader do you? but she gets a bonus point for at least getting the book the right way up.



Matthew Broderick has only two faces.



You know that thing that happens when you start dressing like your favourite food. I would have thought that Rachel Weisz would be a bit more classy than an Ice Gem but who can tell nowadays.



Is this the most awkward engagement photo ever? Chris Pine is hogging the limelight, Adam Driver is the weird cousin no one likes and dad Viggo Mortensen is happy about none of it.



Who cares what Swiftys doing, I just hope you spotted Taylor Swifts most elusive member of her security team – the bearded one.



Does anyone else get serious Wonder Man vibes from Cate Blanchett?



When you can’t decide if you want to work for British Airways or British Caledonian so you go for both uniforms and hope that one of them likes the look of your cv. This 90s fashion resurgence should go away. Please just be happy watching Clueless instead.


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  1. jmount43 says:

    Is it wrong that I’m aroused by the pic of Reese Witherspoon? I already thought she was hot but damn now she’s hot and reading a book!

    1. pop babble says:

      She is a sexy reader …

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