Weekly Roundup – 10 Dec 16

This weeks roundup is all about people that look like someone else (or sometimes something else).

When you asked for an Everton Mint but somebody misunderstood, (blame the accent Marion) and thought you wanted to be an Everton mint.



You’ve seen this meme, right? Fat Doggo or Ice Cream ….


Well it’s not just dogs or ice cream.



I think Justin Bieber has been watching old East 17 videos on Youtube, he looks like he could be mates with Brian and Tony and the other two. Expect to see a Steam influenced dance number on the tour.



I think we can all tell what Rocco Richie loves the most in the world Ninja Turtle Michelangelo and sleeping in a dumpster.



Do you think Tyga has a pigeon under his hat too?