Weekly Roundup – 01 Dec 16

Don’t know what’s going on with Anna Kendrick throwing shade at maybe Portland or maybe the 90s, I can’t be sure but from this I can establish is that Anna Kendrick has never been in a DFS before. That sofa ensemble is classic DFS. Also note, Kendrick has a bag with her.



While I am on the subject of things I don’t understand. Why is Shakira taking a pet turkey for a walk in a poorly stocked corner shop, while wearing a shower curtain as a skirt? Anyone? Ideas?



Remember when Joseph Gordon Levitt dressed as Yoda for the premiere of The Force Awakens and showed how to win at life and make nerds dressed as Stormtroopers love you forever?


Well I get strong Princess Leia vibes from Solange, shame she is two weeks too early though.



While we are supposed to be talking about the ring on Katy Perrys finger (I don’t think there is a word for male gold digger so from now on we will call the male gold digger an Orlando Bloom). ┬áBut there is other stuff going on in this photo too, why is there a man holding a small torch, is he about to dazzle Katy Perry? And what is with Blooms fake converse?


And that isn’t everything! He has an earring. What a creep.

orlando bloom earing2.jpg


Remember what I was saying last week, that lovely office manager bit boring but doing well for herself, well she is back again. At least she doesn’t look smug today, maybe a little bored.



Khloe Kardashian for some reason appears to be sleeping in a Oxfam distribution centre. Check out those slippers, she feels so at home.


She obviously needs the money or is homeless, she charges for access to her website, now it might be cheaper than Netflix but still she is even calling it out that it is rubbish yet still expects you to pay $2.99 a month.

khloe website.png


This gross photo is Ethan Hawke going in for the kill on Winona Ryder. She looks violated, I feel violated. He needs to chill.