The Many Faces Of Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes has many faces, he can work the complete spectrum from a good guy to really evil and every morally ambiguous dude having an affair in between. He has a few faces that he uses on a regular basis – sometimes for good and sometimes for evil, but without context you just cannot tell if he is using that particular face because he is involved in an illicit relationship or if he is about to cut someone.

voldermort ralph.jpg

The mid-distance stare – he might not be looking at you, or talking but there sure is something going on in his head, he with either be a) in love or b) angry. Or a combination of both.

The Duchess – He hates you.

the dutchess ralph

The White Countess – He loves you

white countess ralph


The Reader – He is in a moral conundrum

the reader ralph


The Constant Gardener – He is sad

constant gardener ralph


Spider – He is weird

spider ralph


Onegin – Thinking about getting another blanket because it is getting a bit cold out here.

onegin ralph stare


The English Patient –  look handsome in flashback is all it says.

english patient ralph


Clash Of The Titans – doing his best Meatloaf impression.

clash titans ralph 2


The Hurt Locker – loves money and guns, which is different to the usual upper-middle class English ladies he usually goes for.

the hurt locker ralph


The snarl

Schindler’s List – being the bad guy opposite Dr Schindler means you have to express evil with every stare.

schindlers list ralph


Voldemort – if it is one thing the magical world is missing it is a good dentist.

voldemort smile


Hail Caesar! – not a bad guy as such but that smirk is enough to give you a slap.

ralph hail caesar


In Bruges – you will regret doing that.

in bruge ralph


Red Dragon – this one parks in car in the evil lot too.

red dragon ralph


The Avengers – yeah not the Marvel ones.

avengers ralph

The Grand Budapest Hotel – this face says ‘Bitch, please’

grand budepest ralph


Quiz Show – yes I’m morally ambiguous, my smile tells you so.

quiz show ralph smile


Strange Days – the shirt alone should tell you he is morally ambiguous, the snarl says he might just kill you.

strange days ralph2


The hey girl – it might be all lovey-dovey or it might be ‘tell anyone and I’ll kill your cat’, it can be hard to tell the difference with Ralph Fiennes.


Sunshine – hands around throat say one thing

ralph sunshine kiss

Onegin – but hands on face say another.

oneign ralph kiss


Strange Days – who knows what’s going on between these two.

strange days ralph kiss


Corilanus – or these two. They might be about to bite each other.

coriolanus ralph


The Duchess – he makes Keira feel very uncomfortable.

dutchess kiss ralph


The English Patient – handsome, suntanned and morally ambiguous.

ralph kiss english patient


Maid In Manhattan – he is supposed to be a good guy, but a politician who falls in love with a maid is pretty suspect.

ralph maid kiss


A Bigger Splash – face sniffing could go either way.

a bigger splash ralph


Clash Of The Titans – obviously evil because he hasn’t washed his hands.

clash titans ralph


Oscar and Lucinda – this one is just  plain odd – if the Man Who Fell To Earth and the 8th Doctor had a baby this is what he would look like.

oscar lucinda ralph.jpg