The Many Faces Of Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is one of the best actresses working today (not the other one from Destinys Child who isn’t Kelly or Beyonce). She is fantastic in every role she picks, the problem is she doesn’t pick many roles. If she was in more than 4 films in the past 5 years she would have bagged an oscar by now. michelle-williams

The other thing about Michelle Williams is that she is never happy. Over the years, the characters she plays have gotten more and more sad. Back when she first started she was cast more in the bitch roles, (I think it was the mean eyebrows) but with the occasional sad mid-distance stare. Things got really really sad, hitting bottom with Wendy and Lucy and really she hasn’t been all that happy since. No matter what length or colour her hair is.


For some reason back in the Dawsons Creek days she just couldn’t stop hugging herself. Maybe it was to keep the sadness locked inside?


Generally speaking however Michelle Williams has three main faces, the look of ‘I don’t what I hate more you or the world.’ the mid-distance stare (See Kate Winslet for the best mid-distance starer) and the I’m deliberately not looking /looking at you and I’m sad.

Even in the early days, in Species there is that look of despair.


In Me Without You she has the avoiding looking at you but sad down pat already.



No idea if she is supposed to be Velma from Scooby-Doo or if this is just a wardrobe coincidence?



Looking at bit of  a moody cow in Halloween H20. She isn’t arfaid to cut you.


And in a bit of a mood in Prozac Nation



Sad mid-distance not looking in United States Of Leland



Looking at you sad in The Station Agent



Mid-distance unhappy (blame the hat eh?) in Land of Plenty



So sad she has to sit down in Hole in One



Thinking mid-distancely about where she left that hairdryer.



To be fair there is a lot of mid-distance looks of sadness from everybody in Brokeback Mountain



Is tired of your stories in The Hottest State



And so unhappy there may be violence in I’m Not There



The park bench, the smoking, the manky teddy, no wonder she is sad in Incendiary.


A face off with Ewan McGregor, no contest Williams wins it, in Deception.



The classic I’m so sad I can’t look you in the eye, in Wendy and Lucy.



And again, in Mammoth.



Definitely disappointing in the world look, in Blue Valentine.



Technically I’m not looking at you because I’m not real, but it still counts in Shutter Island.



This is more of a I hate you rather than the world, mid-distance stare, in Meeks Cutoff.



Whats this – a smile? My Week With Marilyn, she may be smiling on the outside but she is crying on the inside.



Back to back with I can’t look at you sadness in Take This Waltz.



But an extremely ellusive mid-distance happy face in Oz The Great And Powerful.



More that anything else, Suite Francaise is made from look at me, no don’t look at me stares.


And another powerful mid-distance look of disappointment in Certain Women.


I just wish somebody somewhere would buy her a cup of tea and a toffee crisp, even if it only makes her happy for 10 minutes its a start right?


Here is the bonus round of looking sad while leaning on stuff.