The Many Faces Of Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has been in a lot of movies, like Samuel L Jackson level numbers, but he has been around since the 1970s so he has time for a significant back catalogue. There are two distinct stages in his career, the handsome rebel, sometimes a loner, sometimes smug, often fond of a hat. Then the beard started to make more of an appearance he changed to the grumpy authority figure, sometimes law, sometimes military, but always in charge and willing to shout, often fond of a hat.

Jeff bridges face rules.png

Young, rebel and a rare-ish early appearance of a hat (at a guanty angle no less) in The Last Picture Show.



Obviously a rebel, rebels always smoke in The Fabulous Baker Boys



Working that weirdo charm in Starman, but she won’t fancy an alien if he was ugly would she?



A strange occurrence of young rebel with a beard and a hat (not to mention those crazy trousers and a pocket watch) in  Heavens Gate.



Rebels always pop their collars, this time in Winter Kills. Not sure about his face of indigestion though, rebels don’t get trapped wind.



A pony tail, a power ‘tache  and a ukulele, this guy is such a rebel in so many ways. This could be a very good costume of Anthony Kiedis from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Have I missed out by never watching  American Heart? I think so.



Looking more like Harrison Ford from The Mosquito Coast than Harrison Ford from The Mosquito Coast. He seriously forgot how to do his shirt buttons up in Against All Odds.



Another anomaly, he might be older and have a beard but he is a rebel (he isn’t in charge of anything).



There may be no beard, no hat and no handsome face but neither is there a grumpy person in charge. He is just crazy in The Vanishing.



Bridges most famous role is probably when he realised he was now to old to play a handsome rebel, he has the beard going on but not yet ready to start bossing people around.




A little bit rebel a little bit in charge hence Ponytail and ‘tache combo.



Certainly an authority figure now and yes he is judging you in KPax



Hating life and/or Justin Timberlake, I think he is starting to feel a little vulnerable without the trusty beard to shout at people with in Open Road.



Being the boss in a hat, in Seabiscuit. PS that is a goat not a pony you fools.



Being cantankerous for the paycheck part I, in Seventh Son



Grumpy authority to a tee or possibly a crazy preacher, in The Giver.



Authority figure, grumpy, hat, facial hair, he has certainly found his niche in Hell Or High Water.



Being cantankerous for the paycheck part II in RIPD