The Many Faces Of Jai Courtney

We’ll start with the obvious, who exactly is Jai Courtney? He is one of those actors that has been in stuff, but you can’t really remember his name or what that movie was. Easily confused with these other two fellas in a grey suit who have been in stuff.

who is jai courtney

What makes Jai Courtney stand out from other actors, doors and trees is ability to look either a) very confused or b) have serious indigestion.

Possible stomach upset

jai courtney divergent


Not sure how that mustache turned up on his face this morning, it wasn’t there when he went to sleep.

jai water diviner


Worried about where the nearest toilet might be?

jai courtney terminator


But there is more to Jai Courtney than indigestion, he also doesn’t mind taking his shirt off. Well if you can’t win ’em over with your acting then distract ’em with the abs, right?


Another cut scene from Suicide Squad?

jai suicide


Finding the perfect tight tshirt in A Good Day To Die Hard

jai body die hard


Confused and naked in Terminator Genisys, this probably happens to Jai on a weekly basis.

jai body2


Wearing a sack, a belt and some serious peroxide no wonder he looks confused and just a tad smug in Spartacus.

spartucus body


For a second I thought that he had even bigger Spartacus hair, turns out that’s just a hat.

jai body unbroken


But it isn’t just his body, he can also carry a weapon and point it at people and look a bit bored (and of course confused).

jai gun


Bored and tat’ed in Divergent.

jai gun divergent


Confused and gun toting in Man Down.

man down jai


Totally doesn’t know why he is in Die Hard.

jai gun 4 die hard


Waiting for it to all be over in Jack Reacher.

jack reacher jai gun


So dang bored in I Frankenstein, not even a blade with a handle thing could cheer him up.

jai i frank bord


He either hates you or is really worried about that prawn sandwich he ate at lunch in Felony.

jai felony indigestion2


Is so over flying this plane in Unbroken.

jai-courtney unbroken


Confused and hoping you don’t notice the belly rumbles in Spartacus.

spartucus jai


Thinking he had one too many cans of Special Brew in Suicide Squad.

jai suicide4


Regretting that kebab he had for dinner right about now in the Water Diviner.

jai water daviner


How can you look so bored when you get to wear a cape?

jai i frank bored

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  1. Adrian Vs The World says:

    Lol I feel so bad for Jai. He’s practically going down the same career path as Sam Worthington. He’s been in questionable movies, others downright terrible. As much as I hated Die Hard 5, Jai’s earnestness was at least endearing to watch. And though I loved Jack Reacher, the film barely makes him a presence. He’s just a plot mechanism boiled down to a stare, which is as much as I can say about him in the movies that followed. I was hoping Suicide Squad would be the film that gives him a personality, but it relies too much on him using his native Australian accent (that, and the role is incredibly stereotyped, him being called Captain Boomerang and, of course, using a boomerang as his weapon of choice). Poor guy. He is in need of a breakout role.

    1. pop babble says:

      I thought Jai was doing a really decent Australian accent in Suicide Squad, then I realised he is Australian! I think he and Sam Worthington will probably split future roles between them.

  2. atthematinee says:

    Hey! Interesting concept for a post! 🙂 Have you written for any movie sites before?

    1. pop babble says:

      Thanks! There are over 30 different ‘Many Faces Of …’ on pop babble and it’s all original content !

      1. atthematinee says:

        That’s amazing! Well, if you have any interest in sharing your writing on Moviepilot, let me know 🙂

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