The Many Faces Of Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford looks angry all the time in the movies, that is his go-to face. Apart from  a handful of classics, Harrison Ford has been in some right old tripe, maybe that is why he is so mad at everything? The late 90s to 2000s were not a great place for Harrison Ford. But he’ll always have Indiana Jones and Han Solo so he doesn’t care.



Harrison Ford only looked like a young man  between 1981 and 1984 yet that hasn’t held Ford back from shooting his suave (very smug) look in publicity stills for every movie he has been in.



He has a distinct gun face, not as pouty as Bruce Willis but it shows how serious he is about taking down that bad guy.



He is smug, he is suave, he will probably be solving crime and definitely charming the ladies. Age has never been a problem for Harrison, he is that smooth.



Yet at the same time, he is pretty much Grumpy Cat all the time. He fires a gun like a pacifist forced back into the game to defend the innocent even if it takes a tiny piece of his soul every time he pulls the trigger.



The rare thing of a Harrison Ford movie without a gun, he is still pretty angry at the world, or possibly has some really bad indigestion, maybe it is both.



And then there is this face, neither angry or smug. Thank you Working Girl.