The Many Faces of Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler only two faces to work with, but he uses them often, despite appearing in action movies and romcoms in equal numbers, he manages to add these faces to both genres.

First off, there is this weird pout thing he does, which is somewhere between Mick Jagger and a grandma kiss.

Olympus has Fallen 1

The side mouth, this crooked smile sometimes demonstrates anger, sometimes charm. It allows Butler to attempt an American accent, if he keeps his mouth neutral Scottish slips out instead.



He pouts when he sings.



He pouts when he is a long haired viking warrior.

Beoulf & Grendel, still by Toby Jacobs


He pouts when … er … seriously I have no idea whats going on with this face, unless he is just about to throw up.



He pouts uncontrollably in childrens movies.



He loves to gun pout at any opportunity. The only person who gets anywhere near this level of gun face is Bruce Willis.



This is a bit of a side mouth pout combo, didn’t know this was possible.



This is not only a side smile but also the face of a creepy gym teacher peeping through the changing room door.



Not completely a smile but you can see the mouth beginning to drift upwards.


Try to not be distracted by Tom Hardy and Idris Elba and focus on the side smile of astonishment.



An attempted endearing side smile


Which is exactly the same as the side smile of condescension.



I think this is a side smile, either that or the boy has just done a super offensive fart.