The Many Faces Of Christoph Waltz

We all know that Christoph Waltz always plays a bad guy but have you noticed he is a bit of a one trick pony, whether he is wearing a hat (sometimes) or has a beard (frequently) and his character is (nearly always) verbose, he always does the same thing, he sits down. Yes Christoph Waltz does sit down evil in almost every movie he is in.

There is sitting evil in Inglourious Basterds, obviously.

christoph waltz inglorious2 chin


Lots of jodhpur sitting evil in Water For Elephants

christoph waltz water elephants5


Evil sitting in while wearing red in The Three Musketeers (not a patch on Tim Curry though)

christoph waltz three musketeers


Chatty with a beer sitting evil in Django Unchained.

christoph waltz django unchained


Smug sitting evil in Horrible Bosses 2



Pretending to be painting evil sitting in Big Eyes.

christoph waltz big eyes


Evil sitting in the dark in Spectre (remember to pay the electricity bill next time Blofeld)

christoph waltz spectre


Sitting evil and having a staring contest with Jane in The Legend Of Tarzan

christoph waltz tarzan2


Not sure if he is evil but he is sitting and it looks weird so I’m counting it in Carnage

christoph waltz carnage


Bonus round  – Hats


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