The Many Faces Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

While the usual face of Arnie is like the blank void of outer space, his go-to face is the scowl. It is what he usually relies on when he can not shoot something or make a pun. But we aren’t here to talk about the scowl.

It is his other face, that he makes in nearly every movie but you just haven’t noticed but once you have seen how frequently it appears, you’ll go ‘oh yeah, he does do that a lot.’ It is the scream.

An obvious one is Total Recall.

arnie scream total recall


Sometimes it means he can’t be afraid to make an ugly scream face, like in Predator.

predator arnie scream


Or ‘you may be cute but inside I am really want to punch you’ face.

commando arnie screaming


It is not just the action movies, he screams in the comedy movies too, like Twins.

arnie twins scream


The scream even made it to the cover of Jingle All The Way.

arnie scream jingle


A classic scream from Kindergarten Cop, makes life worth living really

.arnie cop


Fear or anger, who knows whats going through Conans head in this scene.

conan arnie scream


Does he want to kill him or kiss him in Red Heat?

red heat arnie scream


A very angry mermaid in True Lies.

arnie true lies scream


Is it possible for you to be any dumber Buck? I don’t see how.

last action hero arnie


Is he screaming or has someone put hot sauce down his pants without his knowledge in End Of Days.

arnie end of days scream


It even makes it into that horrendous monster known as Junior, the unfortunate viewer will also be making the Arnie screaming face during this one.

arnie junior scream