The Bad Hair Days Of Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson often has terrible, terrible hair. Now sometime a role will call for a certain hair style and other times he is just too darn lazy to find some shampoo or ever a comb.  Come on RPatz step up your game.

This mop head from How To Be is not a great look and unlike River Phoenix or Jared Leto you can’t blame this one on the to be robert pattinson The suit may be borrowed from Ron Burgundy but I’m getting Yahoo Serious vibes from the ‘do.robert hair 1

This posh boy mop from Bel Ami could do with some more gel and a comb … must have spent too long on the bow tie and the horse and carriage had the meter running. bel ami robert pattinson But cover it with a hat and problem solved.

I take it back, a hat isn’t the answer to all bad hair days. Blame this one on Dali.
little ashes robert pattnsonAnd this one too, Little Ashes proving that only Salvador Dali himself can pull off this ‘tashe and hair combo.

Sometimes though, like Water For Elephants, the hair is perfect.robert pattinson water for elephants


In Cosmopolis, when the role means you have to walk round with half a haircut, it doesn’t look all that noticeable .robert-pattinson-hair-cut-cosmopolisBut when you go out in public, it looks like you have woken up in a London that has been deserted after a zombie infection.

Equally its okay going for that wind swept look, (oh moody)robert pattinson hair 2but this is more of the tornado hunter look.robert pattinson 3and this is definitely ‘I woke up late, I have a hang over and I forgot I had somewhere to be’ look.robert pattinson hair 5

Maps To The Stars, its that sort of tuft at the front, it just looks scruffy.maps to the stars In The Rover it’s all about the microphone head.robert pattinson the rover Maze running Cedric Digory however is perfect.cedric diggory perfect hair robert pattinson

But like everyone else in Goblet of Fire his hair is so big in every other scene apart from this one. The yule ball scene he looks like the lost member of Spandau Ballet.cedric diggory too much hairThen there is Twilight, the first one is Mary Poppins level perfect.robert pattinson twilight perfect hairBut then the sideburn to face to eyebrow ratio changes and he starts looking all Eddie Munster.robert pattinson eclipse bad hairThen the Just For Men takes overrobert pattinson breaking dawn 1And he ain’t so sparkly anymore. (what the undead actually look like)robert pattinson breaking dawn


Everything is awful in Bad Mothers Handbookrobert pattinson bad mothers handbook

Facial hair adds a look of sleeze to proceedings.robert-pattinson-goateeand full beard increases the homeless look.robert-pattinson-beard- Probably don’t let your girlfriend cut your hair either.robert pattinson hair3

In short, if someone offers you hair product, say yes. Every time.robert pattinson cosmopolis And always trust the stylist, they know what they are doing.