The Bad Hair Days Of Jared Leto

Jared Leto might walk the line between respected movie actor and lead singer in a popular band, but no one make him have these haircuts. You can’t blame them on being for movie roles, this are all lifestyle choices made by him.

We will start with what may be my person favourite, I like to think of it as air crew on the emo express. Serving Red Bull and pretzels at 35,000ft.jared leto air crew

The pink mohawke, so masculine yet so feminine.jared leto mohawk

The indie pineapple. This one speaks for itself.jared leto pinapple

The skanky badger. This one is truly dire and would look good on no one, except maybe a badger…

The blonde curtains/mullet combo.  Who knew it was possible to combine the worse two haircuts from the 1980s and 1990s in one ‘do. jared leto blonde sweep

It’s not so much the emo bouffant that is bad, I’ve seen worse, (Pete Wentz circa 2006 I’m looking at you), it’s the hair in combination with the chintz decor, the leather cuff, the fishnet shirt and the hand placement. That is one angry young gay man right there.Jared Leto

I get distinct Tobey Maguire vibes from this slick back look.jared leto tobey maguire
The droopy mohawk, punk but, like, relevant to today.jared leto hawk

This ones all tufty club.Jared Leto tufty

But lets face it despite all these different looks Jared Leto is king hipster, cycling round on a single speed bike in a trilby. jared leto hipster

What with the obsession with wearing muscle shirts and bum bags

Not to mention the combination of muscle shirts, bum bags AND Jesus hair. The only thing missing is a  small, low fat, extra dry cappuccino.jared leto fanny pack2But he only uses his Jesus powers for good.jared leto jesus