Sylvester Stallone loves punching people


Much like David Hasselhoff who loves the the finger guns pose, Sylvester Stallone loves a pretend punch. He was been working the fake punch since the 70s and is still happily using the pose on the red carpet.

Here is Jason Momoa really getting into the vaudville routine of it all. (Sly appreciates a receptive face punch-e)



Robert Downey Jr may look like he is having the time of his life but inside he is thinking nobody punches Iron Man, don’t you know who I am!



I get the impression Sly sneaked this one in quickly before Robert De Niro could work out what was going on.



Anything for a photo op, he’ll punch it.



Slys motto in life, if in doubt aim for the chin. Or maybe he is just itching Jason Stathams chin.



Michael B Jordan is not even out and out pretending he is okay with it, ‘if you punch my face again I will put you in a choke hold.’


For a long time I looked at this photo and thought why does Sly even know Ronnie Corbett let alone want to punch him? Then I realised, that isn’t Ronnie Corbett at all. In any way.



You have to be under 10 to be allowed a punch, and only under strict supervision.