Storks – review


Storks gave up on delivering babies and invested in delivering everything else (basically storks run Amazon) but when (the only human who works with the storks), Tulip accidentally activates the baby factory, she and no.1 delivery stork, Junior must deliver the baby before anyone finds out.

What a fun animated movie, but as it isn’t a Disney or Pixar film, it doesn’t get the promotion or recognition it deserves. ¬†I think there is also some snobbery involved in animation, making it difficult for anyone not working for Disney/Pixar to break through.

Like all successful animated movies, Storks works on two levels, both for younger audience and adults. The voice work of the two leads Andy Samberg and Katie Crown is strong and really keeps the energy of the movie high up.

The jokes are high frequency, my favourites involving reoccurring jokes of birds not being able to see glass and a wolf pack capable of teaming up to make anything they need, boats, bridges, cars.

Much like Secret Life Of Pets felt like the makers really got what  behaviour quirks of dogs and cats are like, Storks feels similar, but the referencing the lengths parents go to to get the baby to sleep/eat/whatever does the baby want? It should also be noted that the movie also features non-nuclear families Рsingle parents, mixed race couples and gay couples all get a quick look in, which is good to see.

Storks is a funny animated movie worth a watch, perhaps the animation isn’t quite as sharp as Finding Dory but it does have a budget that is over 2.5 times smaller.