Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

For this years Most Anticipated Movies list, I have tried to include 10 movies that aren’t all major franchise/blockbusters/remakes. Just to give a little bit more variation from Pirates Of The Caribbean, Transformers and movies staring The Rock.

Most anticipated superhero movie – Wonder Woman


Of the seven superhero movies being released in 2017, Wonder Woman has the most to prove. It isn’t a sequel or a reboot and not only does it have the pressure of being the first and only female led superhero movie (about time) it also has to prove that the DC movies don’t all suck, after the much maligned Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad from 2016.


Most anticipated pressure to succeed –  Baby Driver


After Edgar Wright walked away from Ant-Man, it was possible he said goodbye to ever making that jump from respected auteur director to hitting the big time. Baby Driver has given him another shot. Expect a good soundtrack, comedy and the budget to allow for some top action scenes. Baby Driver is about music loving and baby faced getaway driver who must work for a crime boss. Staring Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx and Lily James among others.


Most anticipated animation – The Lego Batman Movie


Okay so this is sort of a spin off but The Batman featured in The Lego Movie was a highlight and the best Batman seen on screen for a long time. Lets hope this interpretation of Robin and The Joker are as good and the side character from the Lego Movie can sustain a feature length movie of his own.


Most anticipated Spielbergesque war movie  – Dunkirk


Christopher Nolan takes a step back from genre movies to make a WWII movie. Will he nab an Oscar? Will a WWII without an American focus sell in the states? Can Harry Styles act? Will it forever be compared to Saving Private Ryan?


Most Anticipated reteam – Red Sparrow


The re-teaming of Lawrence squared, from The Hunger Games director Frances Lawrence and star Jennifer Lawrence giving us the Black Widow movie than Marvel refuses. A Russian spy, possible double agent, sounds a lot like Black Widow to me.


Most anticipated ‘that will never be as good as the book’ movie – The Dark Tower


Another un-adaptable book, I already have serious reservations (that have nothing to do with the fact that Roland is described basically as Clint Eastwood, not Idris Elba). It is that the plot sounds nothing like the multi genre story telling from Stephen Kings magnum opus.


Most anticipated Netflix release – Mute


Duncan Jones has said goodbye to Warcraft and is back to classy sci-fi. A noir story of a mute bartender in search of a missing person. It looks quite a bit like Blade Runner, without actually being Blade Runner 2049.


Most anticipated second movie – Annihilation


Alex Garlands sophomore effort, his follow up to Ex Machina. A biologist, psychologist, anthropologist and surveyor form an expedition into an environmental disaster zone. You have my attention. Add to that Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. I’m interested.


Most anticipated biopic – Battle Of The Sexes


The biopic of the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs and everything else that went with it, as played by Emma Stone and Steve Carrell. This has Oscar nominations written all over it.


Most anticipated wild card – Logan Lucky


Steven Soderbergh returns from self imposed exile with the tale of an attempted heist at a Nascar race. His third movie with Channing Tatum, also staring Adam Driver and a very peroxide blonde Daniel Craig among others. I’m expecting a working class Oceans 11.