Morgan – review


Morgan is a genetically engineered person/creature/girl who may or may not have no moral compass and be capable to killing people willy nilly, it is Kate Maras job to investigate and find out whats going on.

I have no faith in The Black List if Morgan really made it on to the list of best unproduced screenplays this film is pretty terrible. The movie feels somewhat familiar with the creature being forced into using their powers, the team of scientists protecting their morally ambiguous subject which I would be fine with if Morgan was remotely engaging or creepy or remotely interesting.

To give Morgan its positives, the big house in the woods and underground labs where the team lives and works looks very atmospheric, but the ensemble cast including Michelle Yeoh, Rose Leslie and Jennifer Jason Leigh have little to do. Morgan herself is sometimes called it, but I don’t really understand why as how can you engineer a person without gender, surely this is more difficult. Morgan is played by Anna Taylor-Joy, who was very good in The Witch. She doesn’t get to do a lot other than have grey skin with matching eyebrows and wears a hoodie all the time.

And then there is Kate Mara, I think there is a reason why Rooney Mara gets all the good roles and Kate gets stuck with Transcendence and Fantastic 4, her acting just isn’t that great.

The premise is one we have seen lots of times before and it has some half decent concepts but it is a bit dull, featuring perhaps one of the worse car chases (if you can even call it that) I have seen.The movie is directed by Luke Scott, so it obviously helps when you daddy is Ridley Scott. The action scenes are pretty mediocre and that is being generous.

We never learn enough about the ‘non-human’ motivations or skill set to understand if the fear is justified.¬†Nor do we see the motivations of the human carers/scientists¬†why do they care so much, how exactly have they made any sort of connection.

All round a pretty poor sci-fi movie, one to miss.