Matthew McConaughey Sells Bourbon

Matthew McConaughey wants you to buy this whiskey and Wild Turkey want Matthew McConaughey to sell whiskey so much that they made him ‘creative director’ which means that he gets to have a go at directing a commercial.


It is a pretty standard alcohol commercial, people having more fun than you by drinking this drink.


Bourbon and ice can be so much better than served in a glass, but I don’t think Asda have got the budget to get McConaughey to sell some ice cream for them.



Even though the commercial is pretty simple, I think that the whole thing could be a crazy dream caused by a combination of too much jazz and bourbon.


The bourbon starts on a piano


and ends on a piano, so maybe it never moved at all, it is all in his head?



There are two comical noises in the commercial, just to make sure the class levels are lowered.



But it does feature a real life jazz band. I guess Matthew McC is a fan of the Hot 8 Brass Band and fancied a free concert.



The jazz club also has a secret door to whiskey Narnia.



How is this light working? How is it suspended in the air? (Because it is all a dream?)


Previous Wild Turkey advertising campaigns have been well … not very classy. So adding Matthew McConaughey is instant class. Just ask Lincoln, right.


But did no one think that saying ‘it will find you’ when your product is named after a proper noun might be a bit stupid.