Hidden Gem – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out.

From 2005, a thief (Robert Downey Jr) who ends up pretending to be an actor, a private eye (Val Kilmer) helps him prepare for a role and they both end with a murder they need to solve.

A murder mystery black comedy buddy movie. Usual Shane Black stuff really, Lethal Weapon, The Nice Guys, all similar stuff – it was just that nobody saw it at cinemas or at home.

The move is sharp, very funny and has some of the quickest, smartest dialogue, which is fantastically suited to Robert Downey Jr, for which he should be thankful for. Back in 2005 nobody would touch RDJ with a barge pole,  he was uninsurable, unreliable and unemployable but thanks to Shane Blacks insistence he got the role and that lead to Iron Man and the rest is history. (RDJ returned the favour with a directing gig for Iron Man 3).But it was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that allowed people to see he could be funny, talkative and a bit of a jerk.

kis kiss robert downy jr

While it did wonders for RDJs career (despite nobody watching it), it also features a star making turn from  newcomer Michelle Monaghan and an unusually comedic and all round good performance from almost forgotten about Val Kilmer. But for some reason he didn’t get the props RDJ did.

kiss kiss val kilmer

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is very much a Shane Black movie, smart, very darkly funny and a little bit of violence. It also has an obligatory Christmas scene as many Shane Black movies do.

kiss kiss xmas


There is also a awesome opening credit scene.

kiss kiss credits

If you like clever talkative black comedies, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is for you.