Helen Mirren sells beer and cheap yet questionable taxi services

If this commercial looks familiar it is because it the exact same advert used way back in Febuary for the Super Bowl, it has just been released again in December, because apparently people get drunk and drive their cars at Christmas, that’s not cool. But Helen Mirren is going to stop it.


The commercial is making full use of Helen Mirrens Britishness, use of  word pillock for example, and juxtaposing it with American stuff like beer and burgers.


This is the only difference between the two versions of the ad, the use of Uber and Lyft. And who knows the difference between those two? Not me. But if you read the Youtube comments, it makes it sound like people think walking is safer than an Uber.



Helen Mirren is very British, here she is being the lady on the 50p coin.

Dame Helen Mirren

She is so British she has played Queen Elizabeth I and II.



But she has been to America often so she has for sure eaten a cheeseburger before (we don’t get burgers in the UK, only crumpets and ham).


But there is no way Helen Mirren drinks beer, certainly not straight from the bottle.


I bet she is a gin & tonic lady, no beer for her.


Maybe switches to champagne if she gets a bit rowdy.


But she is definitely a sassy lady.



Not everyone can get away with being posh and wearing a leather jacket and red lipstick combo.


Sidebar: Have you noticed that JLaw looks a lot like Helen Mirren a few years back?