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In the future Tom Cruise plays a weasley military PR man who is forced into front line combat against an overwhelming enemy, that enemy is an alien force, when Cruise quickly dies in battle he wakes up in a day in the past. Forced to relive the same battle over and over again.

So Edge Of Tomorrow is essentially a sci-fi action version of Groundhog Day, and is probably the most under-appreciated/underestimated movie this year. Maybe it has something to do with its terrible name, why didn’t they go with Live Die Repeat, rather than make us even more confused by making the tag line bigger than the actual title on every poster? Maybe it was because of Tom Cruise and his ¬†dwindling popularity? But that really shouldn’t put you off watching a rare summer movie that is neither¬†a reboot or a sequel and is actually a whole bundle of fun.

What makes Edge Of Tomorrow good? It was refreshing that the first 20 minutes or so I knew nothing about what was going on, none of this was featured in any of the trailers and TV spots I’ve seen. The action sequences are very good. And you never get bored of the time loop aspect. The is enough humour and creativity to keep you interested and entertained throughout.

Yes the movie does remind you of a lot of others, like Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, Source Code and Aliens among others but these are all good movies to be referencing right? Edge Of Tomorrow doesn’t feel like it is copying these movies but is a stand alone piece of entertainment.

Something else it gets right is the two central characters, Tom Cruise is very much playing against his usual type, he might end up as a gun toting all American hero, as per usual, but he certainly doesn’t start out that way. He is very good here, demonstrating that living the same day, watching people die again and again will really mess with your mind.

Then there’s Emily Blunt. See the way Tom Cruise is staring at her? This is the audience. She is a total badass. And a definite highlight of the movie.
edge-of-tomorrow emily blut


Her character is nicknamed Full Metal Bitch, she is tough and strong, physically and mentally (and also really good at yoga.) She doesn’t need to be rescued and doesn’t fight in heels. Plus she teaches Tom Cruise how to be a badass. When was the last time that happened? It is so unexpected, considering that Emily Blunt merely holding a shotgun in Looper looked uncomfortable.

Edge Of Tomorrow has a lot to offer. A great performance from Tom Cruise, director Doug Limans best movie since The Bourne Identity and a genuine action heroine played by Emily Blunt.

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  1. filmreviews12 says:

    Good, easy to read writing. I gave “Edge of Tomorrow” a positive review well, and in response to your question of why it wasn’t called “Live, Die, Repeat”, Warner Bros. made the boneheaded decision to retitle it that… after it’s been out in theaters, only causing more confusion for a movie that was never able to achieve the big audience it deserved.

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