Channing Tatum Loves Hats (But They Don’t Love Him)

Now it’s not necessarily true that Channing Tatum and hats don’t get along. Nobody can wear a backwards baseball cap quite like Tatum but every other form of head wear he just can’t carry off.channing tatum hat3


Here is an example of Colin Farrell wearing a beanie with aplomb. (We won’t mention the sweatband or the necklace). Notice that we can see his ears and hair sticking out, this is key to making a beanie work.

Channing has a habit of wearing the beanie too far down his head, which makes me think he could be smuggling an alien or a conehead in there …
…or too far up. (Maybe it was a really windy day and it blew his beanie off?) Sometimes he keeps his ears tucked in, like, I know it’s probably a cold day in New York but it’s a beanie not ear muffs dude. 

Flat Cap

Here is an example of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing a flat cap. It makes him look like a grown up, suave and ever so slightly incognito.
I don’t know if Chan was going through a flat cap phase but he has a little beard with all of them. There is a lot of herringbone and houndstooth action going on, so it isn’t the same hat.Channing Tatum hat 15The off centre bend is weird. Leo doesn’t have that. (Maybe he sat on all of them?)

He looks like he the oldest paperboy in history.channing tatum hat 18


Here is an example of Justin Timberlake wearing a Fedora. He loves the Fedora and makes it work for him. Giving him an intelligent nerdy-cool chic thing going on. justin timberlake hatAs much as Tatum whats to be that hipster guy, he just isn’tI get secondhand embarrassment from looking at this. The costume department on The Vow must have hated him to put him in that hat.channing tatum hat 23 fedora
Everything is wrong with this, the hat, the wellies the Range Rover and the ‘rock’ hand.channing tatum hat 24

Baseball cap (forwards)

Here are examples of Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber wearing a Baseball cap (forwards), two different ways. The curve bill and snapback way.  One style makes your head look massive and the other makes your head look tiny. You can work out which is which.ben-affleck-with-a-red-sox-hat bieber hat

Channing has tried out both looks, neither of which are really doing him any favours. channing tatum hat 20

Baseball cap (sideways)

Here is an example of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air in a baseball cap (sideways). This is never a good look for anyone, it wasn’t cool when Will Smith wore it that way in 1992 and it isn’t a good look now.fresh prince hat
Channing just looks like an adult baby.
channing tatum hat9Or a hip-hop redneck hybrid.channing tatum hat4This is also the case for sideways police hats, a bit too much sass.
channing tatum hat11

Baseball cap (backwards)

Here is an example of Robert Pattinson wearing a baseball cap (backwards). He looks like poochy.

pattinson hatThe hat style that Channing can actually do well is the baseball cap (backwards). channing tatum hat 19He can wear it and manage to not look like Marky Mark (which is surprising given the toplessness).channing tatum hat 25

In short if Tatum is going to wear a hat it should only be a baseball cap (backwards) or else he just can’t make it work. He is not Taylor Swift.channing tatum hat 13


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