Actors love wearing earrings

Even though Harrison Ford has been wearing his single earring for at least a decade, I still get a shock and a frightening thought ‘what would I do if my granddad suddenly started wearing an earring?’



It is something of a midlife crisis statement, yet not as expensive as a Harley Davidson (plus you have to get a licence for that, way too much effort.)



Orlando Bloom really has blonde ambition at the moment. If showing the world your junk hasn’t got their attention then maybe some jewelry will do it. If a little hoop earring is what it takes to bag that engagement ring from Katy Perry then he will roll with it.



Johnny Depp wears safety pins instead of earrings, I think this is because he can repair his suit/scarf/hat when it finally rips.

Johnny Depp


Another recent recruit to the world of earrings is Robert Pattinson. Clearly at the encouragement of his much cooler girlfriend or he lost a bet. Could have been worse it could have been matching tattoos.



But for every new recruit one of the old guard takes out the ear bling for good. Colin Farrell always used to wear twin hoops. But just check out those newly naked ears.

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet Special Screening


Justin Timberlake has changed so much, it isn’t just the diamond studs for clean living lobes, but the grade one hair cut for straighteners, goatee for well groomed beard and hoodie for double breasted sweater. We won’t even mention the personalised necklace that at the same time declares a love of Pi.



This is the really shocker, Will Smith, his face looks like there is something missing and it isn’t his smile or his facial hair, Will Smith has ditched his earrings. They may have been as steady fast and true part of Will Smiths persona but it looks like they are no more.