Wonder Woman – review

Wonder Woman may have stolen the show in Batman vs Superman but how did she get from being Princess Diana of Themyscira to Wonder Woman? We are about to find out.

There was a lot of pressure on Wonder Woman to be well received. Yes Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad made a lot of money but were disliked by critics and viewers alike. So Wonder Woman has to be well respected, make money and be the first female led superhero movie (of the Marvel Studios and DCEU era) to do so. Does it succeed? Yes on all fronts.

Wonder Woman is another origin story, but don’t roll your eyes. It is actually engaging, enjoyable and provides an actual understanding of why and how a person becomes a superhero. Yes it is centered around a female character but that shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. It is about a hero, regardless of gender. But having said that it was great to see a female character taking the lead for once.

Gal Gadot is great, she is as much Wonder Woman as Christopher Reeves is Superman. The action scenes, the comedy, the drama and dialogue are all deftly handled. Chris Pine is also good as Steve Trevor. He is a genuine partner to WW rather than a damsel that needs rescuing. A lot of the more goofy aspects, lasso of truth, living on an island of warrior women, never seeing a man before are all excepted by the audience because of his reaction to them. Great stuff. These two characters are the leads, every other character only makes a brief appearance really.

A lot of inspiration has been taken from Indiana Jones and the original Superman movie, which lets face it is a good place to base a superhero movie on. The scenes set on Themyscira, the Lois and Clark relationship and the fish out of water stuff in London remind me a lot of original Superman.

The no mans land scene, is what really sells Wonder Woman, it is at this point that she steps up to the plate and becomes a hero. Doing what she can to defend and protect when others can’t.

What wasn’t so good – it is a superhero origin story so we know what is going to happen. It has another weak villain, and some ropey cgi. It also shares some plot points with the first Captain America movie. I had some unanswered questions which nobody else has answered, is everybody okay with her killing people? because everyone went nuts when Batman killed people in BvS. What has she been doing for 100 years? Why hasn’t she gone home, can’t she find it anymore? What was she during World War II, in that artic cave with the Minions perhaps.

Yes Patty Jenkins does a good job directing here and we all welcome giving female directors bigger gigs than tiny indie films, but also credit to screenwriter Allan Heinberg, for not falling into the obvious flag waving female empowerment trap, but delievering clever ideas with subtlety, smarts and wit. But he also wrote one of my favourite comic books (Young Avengers), so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Is Wonder Woman the best DCEU movie, yes. Is it the best superhero origin since 1978s Superman, yes. It is a lot of fun, with a surprisingly emotional sting at the end and I want to watch it again already. Just don’t ask me if it is better than Logan …