Top 10 favourite movies of 2016

popbabbles list of the favourite movies released at the cinema (in the UK) throughout 2016. It was a difficult choice this year as there has been a few terrible movies (more on this later), a whole lot of movies that were okay and very few actual movies that were really enjoyable.

The AccountantAnother great performance from Ben Affleck to add to his back catalogue (circa 2010 to present) and something in short supply this year an intelligent action film. See full review here.


10 Cloverfield LaneJJ Abrams manages to make 2 movies for the price of 1. The less you know the better. Solid lead performance from Mary Elizabeth Winstead and a career defining role from John Goodman. See full review here.


Money MonsterA quietly confident movie directed by Jodie Foster. Anyone who thinks the movie takes a throwaway attitute to the financial crisis is kind of missing the point. See full review here.


The WitchOther horror movies received more attention this year, but it was this movie that really stays with you. Beautiful, haunting and so very creepy. See full review here.


Eye In The SkySmall in plot, big in impact look at modern warfare, a thought provoking thriller. See full review here.


The Nice GuysOld school buddy movie, whip smart, comedy violence and cracking dialogue. All the usual beats to expect from a Shane Black movie. See full review here.


Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find ThemA return to JK Rowlings Wizarding World and I couldn’t be happier. All the things I like about Harry Potter but without all the kids that can’t act. I’ll look forward to the adventures of young Dumbledore. See full review here.


Hell Or High WaterA modern western and another good movie with the backdrop of the financial crash driving the story. A real unwatched gem of 2016, the best performance from Chris Pine I have seen.


The Secret Life Of Pets
It may not have been the most educational of animated movies this year, but I thought it was the most fun. The only film on the list I have watched three times already.


Captain America: Civil WarEverything you could want from a superhero movie, drama, action, humour, costumes, conflict and consequences. Plus how about that airport scene though?