Too Late – review

A private detective in LA traces a girl who went missing in a local park asking for his help. Along the way he encounters strange families, strip clubs and other seedy venues in order to get to the truth.

It is clear writer/director Dennis Hauck really loves Pulp Fiction, this film is set out of chronological order, in five distinct sections , features shady characters and situations and lots of fast talking, heavy with pop culture references.

It also has the gimmick of each section being filmed in one continuous shot.  This is a gimmick as you end up watching the camera movements and actors making sure they are in the right place rather than paying attention to what is going on. And because of the non-chronological order thing you have to pay attention or you might miss the key bit of information that will link the scenes together. The less I tell you, the better the film will be for you.

The movie has a dirty 70s look, and it works. Too Late looks really good. It has style but the gimmick makes everything feel more forced than it should.

I did enjoy Too Late, but it is far from perfect. It is however another solid performance from indie stalwart John Hawkes, but I think it is worth keeping an eye open for what director Hauck does next.