Tomb Raider – review

The rebooted Tomb Raider movie is based on the rebooted video game franchise of the same name.

Alicia Vikander clearly put a lot of work in to play Lara Croft, she really hit the gym, the muscles in her back have muscles. Which is justified as a lot of the action scenes involve upper body strength. Climbing ropes, jumping from sinking ships, swinging across collapsing a plane.  In general Lara Croft is treated like the main character in an action movie, not a female lead in an action movie, which is a step in the right direction. Even when she has to get into fights with men twice her size she doesn’t fight like a man would and she does use her lady parts either, yes Red Sparrow I’m looking at you.

Obviously the film borrows a lot from Indiana Jones, it is hard not to really, but when Indiana Jones works, why not borrow from it, eh? The film could do with a few more puzzles for Lara to solve in the third act, but I do like the way the story and tomb itself veers away from the supernatural. I am so glad there were no samurai zombies (as it could have easily gone there).

The opening sequence establishes Lara as posh, but hiding from her life with a poorly paid job and hitting people in the face, the film also tries to establish that being a cycle courier is dynamic and fun,  it wasn’t cool in Premium Rush it isn’t cool now.

In general the film needs an extra bit of something to make it stand out, and maintain your attention. A bit more characterisation for Daniel Wus character would be nice.

Tomb Raider is the reboot nobody was really crying out for. It is a passable action movie, it isn’t bad but it isn’t going to blow your socks off either.

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